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I recently purchased Toy Story 2, which I hadn't seen since I was like 5, but I decided to rewatch it, and I noticed that Disney (or Pixar, whichever) sneakily predicted the future of the franchise with a single throwaway line. In the scene where Stinky Pete stops Woody from rejoining Andy's toys who have come to rescue him, the prospector makes an interesting remark that left my head spinning.

"How long is it really going to last, Woody? Do you think Andy's going to take you to college? And then on his honeymoon?"

When I was a little kid and watched this, the line meant nothing to me, but since the release of Toy Story 3, where Andy does indeed cart off Woody and the gang to college with him, it gives cause to wonder if the recently-announced plans for Toy Story 4 will indeed include Andy's marriage and passing down his beloved toys to his own children. In a way, this would be a fitting ending to the franchise as the circle is completed with a new generation echoing the excitement of Andy upon receiving Buzz Lightyear.

But what do you guys think? Will Andy hand down his toys to his kids in Toy Story 4? Comment your theories below!

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