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Season 3 concluded it's first 9 episodes a couple of weeks back. Well just next month the show will return and seemingly with a bang!!! If you happen to just absolutely hate spoilers then please watch the other episodes and articles before reading this one. Thank you !!!!

So appernatly according to the most recent teaser we will be seeing Barry coming clean to the team about his travels to the future. However he then apparently tries to convince fellow team member Cisco to vibe him to the future. After that Barry tries to convince everyone that they need to change the events leading to Iris west's death.

Another scene shows us what could be Earth 2 Harrison wells (harry) showing us that the team may be set to travel to earth 2 to visit for a duration of the show. A set photo proves this, sparking even more speculation that they will be meeting with fellow speedster Jessie Quick (however they jessie and harry may just be coming back to earth 1).

Among all the hype apparently Teddy Sears will be making a comeback as Antagonist The Black Flash. This was in an apparent interview where he stated that it will be happening in the back half of the season 3 just like the reverse flash did in Season 2B.


Who's appearance excites you the most?

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