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DC has been attempting to catch up to the M.C.U (marvel cinematic universe) with current films such as Man of steel, Batman v Superman and Suicide squad, However although it is really cool to see all these characters on the big screen, Critics have been slamming the films due to their dark tone and choppy editing. Now Critics are always going to be the harder audience to entertain, However fans are also disliking the current approach taken. So DC comics (with new president Geoff Johns) have decided to course correct their films. With that in mind here are the top reason's you should be excited for the DCEU in 2017 :

5. Lighter Tone

So recently you may have heard that DC is going to be trying to take a more hopeful approach to their films. Geoff Johns and Zack Snyder reportedly both confirmed this and will be making changes in order to provide the films possible. There will be less of a darker tone and that is 90% certain.

4. Humor

Now Marvel films have been famous for their one liners and funny moments and with additions such as The Flash its seems like DC shall be joining in on the humor. However that humor (as much as I don't want it to) could very well be cheesy to the point where it isn't funny, but judging from what we have seen from the flash that doesn't seem to be the case.

3. FIXED UNIVERSE (hopefully)

Now with the hopeful course correction coming, hopefully that includes story and editing. Now DC have been famous for their choppy editing and dull story so with the new president of DC hopefully there will be better editing and a more exciting story.

2. Wonder women is coming

So Wonder women is coming next year and we are praying that means better story and more hopeful tone. We have received two trailers so far and it looks very promising so hopefully it delivers.

1. Justice League

Now this is probably one of the most anticipated movies for next year just like Batman V superman : Dawn of Justice was this year. From the footage we have seen so far this movie looks very promising and will hopefully be one of the best DCEU films yet. Justice league will be the first time seeing all of the team on the big screen in a live action film and we are due to see a trailer very soon.

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