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If you have not seen Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens by now, I am sorry but there are some spoilers ahead. If you have not seen Rogue One, I have graciously spared you by hiding spoilers. You have been warned.

It is a sad day for many Star Wars fans worldwide. Our beloved Carrie Fisher also know as the Princess and General Leia Organa-Solo has become one with the force. Never in a million years did any of us think we would loose her so soon, but our worst fears came to light.

After finding out this news just a couple of weeks after the release of Rogue One, and with the impending saga about to return next year, many questions ran through my mind.

What is going to happen to the saga now? At the end of The Force Awakens, Leia is still commanding the Resistance, while Rey is seeking and eventually finding Luke Skywalker. In no way did the Skywalker's reunite in this continuation/reboot of the franchise.

With that being said, we do not know much about the upcoming Episode VIII, set to release next year. According to many sources, Fisher finished her scenes for the next episode, so there shouldn't be much fear in fans, for now. There is still the possibility of the Skywalker's reuniting (at least in the next episode anyway).

I think now with the new saga many fans are concerned about how the story will be affected by her death in the future. Will we see her in CGI form the way Rogue One handled Grand Moff Tarkin or even younger Princess Leia at the very end?

We cannot say for sure what will be in the characters future until the release of Episode VIII, but for right now, we mourn the loss of an iconic woman who forever changed many of our lives.

Even if in the future they decide to kill off the character, like Han, she will never be forgotten. Her legacy is just as great, maybe even greater than Han Solo's. I could not even imagine how much Carrie Fisher initially impacted the science fiction world, and film in general. She was one of the first females heroes to appear on screen and because of her, certainly would not be the last.

2016 has been a rough year in terms of the people that we lost. Earlier this year we lost another Star Wars legend, Kenny Baker after the release of Star Wars Episode VII. With this most recent loss, it seems we are moving more towards a new generation of Star Wars.

I personally want to thank you, Carrie Fisher, for being the badass in real life as much as you were on screen. You changed the way we see women portrayed in film, spoke out about many issues such as mental health and overall spent your life being as honest as you could. Thank you for contributing in the badassery of women.

Thank you being a great inspiration and bringing a new hope (no pun intended) to many girls then, now and many generations to come. We all love you and trust when I say that when I see you in Episode VIII, I will be crying like a baby.

May the force be with you Carrie Fisher, for now that you are with it, it is much stronger.

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