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...ent-friendly), Ant man (looking to get in good graces, though his entrance could be via Team Cap based on the stinger from Antman), Vision (too "new" & good natured to see the wrong in it yet), Spidey (initially), SHIELD Team Cap: Falcon (they're buds), Scarlet Witch (she's still warming to Stark and trusts Steve more), Black Widow (though she could play double-agent and start with Tony - maybe help Spidey transition when it's time), Thor (as an outsider, he'll see the whole matter as foolish), Black Panther (won't likely favor "outsiders" telling him what to do in general) Also, I think unlike the comic arc which ended with a sort of "what are we doing" draw, this might end with either (a) a landslide turn on Tony based on some info he's been withholding, or (b) Cap getting shot.

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