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People are losing their minds over The Amazing Spider-Man featuring in [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409). When the first trailer featuring Spidey dropped back in March, people loved (and some hated) the new look Spider-Man. The question I'm wondering, however, is will young Mr. Parker stay loyal to throughout the film? We know Robert Downey Jr. has been confirmed to appear in the Sony/Marvel collaboration Spider-Man: Homecoming next year, but will he be friend or foe? Let's take a look.

Back in 2006 when Civil War impacted comic book fans everywhere, the Marvel landscape was a very different place. We didn't have a single hint of a Cinematic Universe, a S.H.I.E.L.D. TV show was the stuff dreams were made of and chances of seeing the Guardians Of The Galaxy on the big screen were approximately zero. It was, however, the first time that Spider-Man had joined the Avengers. Thanks to that, he was also working as Tony Stark's right hand man.

A Brief History Lesson

Now, here's the first major difference between the forthcoming movie and the comics. In the comics, the whole thing was about something called the Superhero Registration Act, which mandates that all superheroes and villains had to reveal their secret identities. In the MCU, no-one really has a secret identity so it was changed to be about the collateral damage The Avengers have been partly responsible for in New York, Washington D.C. and most recently, Sokovia.

In order to try and stop the Superhero Registration Act, Tony and Peter head to D.C. to try and talk some sense into the politicians (feel free to 'lol' at the thought of talking sense into politicians). In a sweeping show of stupidity, Peter decides to take the stand in costume, and Congress decided that Peter's testimony is inadmissible unless he reveals his identity. We'll skip over the ins and outs of the comic book, because if you haven't read it, you really should - it's arguably one of the greatest Marvel stories of all time. The short version is this - Spidey reveals his identity, Tony decides to try and help the Government and accidentally kills Black Goliath who was fighting for Captain America's Anti-Registration team. This causes Peter to rethink things so he leaves Tony's team to go underground with his family - now that all of his enemies know his identity, they aren't safe anymore. Tony is less than pleased at Parker's abandoning of his post so unleashes a cadre of villains he was controlling to try and bring him back in. Spider-Man takes one of the worst beatings he's ever taken and of all people, The Punisher saves him and takes him to Cap's hideout. Peter Parker realises the error of his ways and switches sides to join Cap's team.

So How Will This Play Out In The Movie?

It's a pretty safe bet that the movie won't follow the comic word for word, because where would be the fun in that? The creative geniuses behind the MCU love nothing more than taking the stories we love and making them their own. This is one of the reasons that the MCU has been so consistently good over the years. But is it possible to take something so fundamental to the comics as Spider-Man switching to join Cap's team and leave it out of the movie? Absolutely. Is it a good idea? Possibly.

The Russo Brothers have said that Civil War will change and have a lasting impact on the whole MCU, the key work there is 'lasting.' The events of Civil War will send shockwaves through the MCU for many films to come, not the least of which will be Spider-Man: Homecoming. We know that Robert Downey Jr. has signed the dotted line to appear as Tony Stark in the Sony/Marvel collaboration, but what we don't know is what Tony's role in the movie will be.

In Civil War, Tony will believe that his side of the argument is 100% right, and everyone else is in the wrong. As such, it's easy to imagine him telling a few white lies and twisting the truth to convince Peter to join his team. It seems that Tony is being set up as the quote 'bad guy' in this movie, and there's no way Spider-Man is staying on the 'wrong' side forever more. We know that Tony visits the Parker home in Civil War to encourage Spidey to join his team. Would it be totally beyond Tony to smudge the truth somewhat? Not at all, Tony will do anything in his power to achieve his goals if he believes he is in the right.

Towards the end of Civil War, Peter will start to realise that Tony perhaps isn't completely right, and some of the things he's been told aren't all that accurate. This will plant the seeds for the big bust up to come in Spider-Man: Homecoming next year. The rumours are that the villain of Homecoming is going to be The Vulture, but how awesome would be to see Spidey going one-on-one with Iron Man at some point during his first solo outing in the MCU? While he will indeed be switching sides at some point, the overall story arc here is too big to conclude in one movie, so it more than likely won't happen in Civil War. don't expect The Avengers to be one big happy family when the dust settles, there will still be unresolved conflict between Earth's Mightiest Heroes that will spill over into the rest of Marvel's Phase III. Seeds will be planted in Civil War, and Spidey will fully switch allegiances during Homecoming.

How do you think Spidey's MCU debut will go down?

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