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There's been few films more universally praised by horror fans than Ridley Scott's 1979 horror masterpiece 'Alien'. I've actually never heard negative feedback, either in person or on the internet, about that movie. However, the same cannot be said about his highly anticipated sequel 'Prometheus'.

A large group of people in the horror community, despite the moderately high critical reception, labeled 'Prometheus' as an utter flop of a sequel. Complaints were tossed out over unintelligent characters and major problems with the plot. I both love and hate nitpicking when it comes to otherwise good horror films. It's never entirely fun to realize a movie you thought was great is being torn apart. However, fans like these tend to keep studios on their toes. The worst thing that can and does happen, is a studio pushing out a half-hearted sequel on the back of a successful film.

So, what do fans really expect from 'Alien: Covenant'? They expect a great, original sci-fi horror, free of over-used clichés and horror movie tropes. People have also come to know James Franco and Danny McBride as being iconic comedy actors but they don't seem to shy away from more serious roles. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see the two team up under Ridley Scott's direction. Sci-fi fans might tend to shy away from the new horror direction but anyone who enjoyed the original 'Alien' seems to be getting excited.

The best advice I can give for any fan of the 'Alien' series is to check out the new trailer below and get excited! Good or bad, the trailer really teases a film that goes back to the series roots.

Now, was the intense violence over the girl softly signing style trailer original? Oh god no, but that back-splitting scene was excellent and that's all I care about.

What do you think about the new trailer? How much did you hate 'Prometheus'? Are you planning on catching in theaters May 19th? Let me know!

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