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When I played the multiplayer for (2016) I was turned off by the Halo looking armour, the Call of Duty style end game taunts and wrote the game off as shallow.

I was wrong.

I received the game as a Christmas gift from a family member and it's hands down the best shooter I've played in years!

I'll admit, although having briefly played the original games I never really got in to them, I was always more a Wolfenstein guy and enjoyed the 2014 remake.

Multiplayer faux pas aside the game is breath of fresh air in a sea of wall running, cyber shooters and the game is unashamedly brutal and just non stop fun.


Less certainly is more here, in the opening moments of the campaign the player is soon unchained (literally) and shooting enemies with little explanation other than: monsters bad, shooting good!

Basically hell has been unleashed on Mars as someone is harnessing the power of hell for their own gain blah blah, you don't care, I don't care, fortunaly the developers id Software know this and let us avoid most of the story to focus on our one man war on hell!

The shooting is no nonsense fast paced point, shoot and forget with guns that rarely need reloaded in most cases so that the pace never halts. Strafing is the name of the game here and it's this dance between dealing damage and avoiding it that makes the combat feel refreshing in a world dominated by corridor and cover shooters.

The campaign is a hefty 10-12 hours long playthrough and longer still if you're a collectibles catcher or the kind of nut job that fancies their hand at the 'Ultra-Nightmare' difficulty in which death means you have to restart... THE ENTIRE GAME!

On the subject of difficulty, the games pacing feels so well crafted, expertly adding new enemies that change the way you tackle each fight just as it introduces new instruments of war to dispatch them.

There's no health regen either so players have to scour their surroundings to survive the onslaught they're confronted with. When a player weakens an enemy enough they will flash a blue colour or orange if you're close enough which signals a player can initiate a Glory Kill; a brutal melee finisher which apart from looking and feeling badass causes enemies to drop a humble portion of health.

It's this game of strafing, jumping, singling out certain enemies to focus first or Glory Kill for health that make every encounter feel refreshing and challenging in the right way, rarely did I feel a death was undeserved!

Upon completing the game on the normal difficulty I was eager to restart on Nightmare which is something I've not done since the original . This is probably the highest honour I could personally bestow and would recommend the game to those looking for an alternative to the 4-5 hour long campaigns we've been receiving of late.


The same frenetic gunplay carries over to the multiplayer with fast gun battles and the successors usually being those who can navigate the map and collect health and other pick ups the fastest after surviving a gunfight.

Cosmetic nonsense and taunts should not discourage anyone from sinking considerable time in to this online arena of death, fans of games like and will feel right at home, there's nothing like sniping a guy then switching to your sawed off shotgun, ejecting a round and seeing the enemy player model flash, and quickly melee attacking him and crushing his skull... Even if you do get gibbed a second later!


As if the story and multiplayer weren't enough to satiate most, the game also has a brilliant content creator called Snapmap in which players can create custom matches that others can play and vote for. This breathes nigh on infinite replayabilty into the game with brilliant single player and co-op game modes for players to get stuck in to.

I'm almost embarrassed I let this slip by, it's already knocked off my top spot for most original shooter for 2016 and is definitely worth your time and most certainly mine. It's also a steal to pick up right now but you're an adult (probably) and can make your own decisions.

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