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So I've been gathering my thoughts having sat through the presentation this morning. I didn't stay up for it because it was on at 4am here in the UK and I like to pretend there's only one 4 o'clock in a given day - in the afternoon - and that usually signifies it's nearly the end of a working day and that it's time for a Tunnock's Tea Cake which is a trick because it's always time for Tunnock's Tea Cake!

I watched the conference on YouTube on the link Nintendo posted and was greeted with 30 minutes of an awkward rave in which no one in the crowd was off their tits and instead could all hear how rubbish the DJ was with clear minds and undilated pupils...

The whole conference was rather baffling to me, it was basically a collection of trailers with little to no information on the console itself. We were told the Joy-Con removable controllers were basically Wii-mote motion controllers and we were informed the price would be 300 dollars so probably 249-300 pounds for the UK.

Considering children don't generally watch these sort of things it was foreign to me that it appeared to be aimed at them. The rest of the show was mainly first party games, a new (not arriving at launch) a hilariously named boxing game that looked like a Wii game, more Splatoon and a brilliant Zelda trailer!

The only grown up things we found out was price, launch date (March 3) and battery life being 2.5-7 hours depending on usage. I understand the need to show off the software, we want to know what we're going to be playing but it's hard to incite buyer confidence when you negate to mention specs. I mean what can it run? Does it take cartridges, how big are they? If they don't work can we blow on them? How much memory do they take up? How much memory has the system got? Too many questions make pre-ordering a bad idea but then there's the worry they'll run out like they have the NES Minis every time they're in stock.

What's the frame rate, is it 720p, 1080p upscaled in TV mode? I don't care about Skyrim, I've played it, how does it work?! Can I watch Netflix on it? DAMMIT NINTENDO!

They also mentioned outside of the conference that you will have to pay to play online which is a shame as I've said before if you're already paying for Live and PSN Network you're not going to want to shell out for a third subscription service. They saved this for after the presentation because they weren't aiming it at adults who like the facts...

The child in me, that this conference was aimed at, wants to know where was a new Donkey Kong Country?!

Are you going to pre-order the Switch?

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