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I am a life long comic book and movie fan. Have spent most of the last decade of my life in a wheelchair passing time reading comics and wat

he did have a cameo/Easter egg in Ironman 1. But the real Villains we need for Marvel can start with the Skrulls, Kang, Korvac, The Wrecking Crew, MODOK, Mojo, the Living Laser. I see all these as more possible villains for Marvel to do. Though Fing may be a Iron Man enemy, I can only see him fighting Dr Strange, but way down the line. A Minor villain in a third film. For The DC side, there are more than Batman villains we need. For Starters, Brainiac, Bizzaro, Black Manta, Krona, Doomsday. We need more movies for the other DC heroes but it feels like we have Batman over saturation. But a villain for will probably be rehashes from older movies before they do Hush or Hugo like the Riddler played by Jim Carry again, A good Mr Freeze, The Penguin. Just my thoughts on what they would do.

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