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The festive period is fast approaching and it’s time to start thinking about what you are going to do for your Christmas party. Manchester is one of the most vibrant cities, well known for its nightlife and host of restaurants, and at Christmas time, it is home to some of the biggest Christmas markets in the UK. Choosing Manchester as your Christmas party venue is always a wise decision and will be a memorable experience for your employees.

The Midland Hotel:

The Midland Hotel is home to some of the most incredible fine dining restaurants in Manchester, the ballrooms are perfect for large company events, which are fully catered and can hold hundreds of people at once. If you are seeking a more intimate party, then booking a table at the French is a great place to start.

Manchester Hall:

Manchester Hall is a grade 2 listed building, perfect for hosting an office Christmas party. The newly opened Manchester Hall has a whole host of suites and rooms to cater for any size, so if you are looking for a more elegant and sophisticated party venue, then this is definitely something that you should consider!

The Hilton Hotel:

The Hilton Hotel in Manchester is home to Cloud 23, which is one of the most prestigious cocktail bars in Manchester. From this spot, you can see the entirety of Manchester and miles stretches after that, it truly is an experience, and if you are seeking that wow-factor for your employees, then this is definitely something to consider. As well as having signature cocktails and a range of drinks to try, Cloud 23 is also renowned for having beautiful food selections and is even perfect for afternoon teas.

The Comedy Store:

The comedy store is a little bit of an alternative choice, but will be sure to bring you a lot of laughs throughout your night. This is great for intimate parties, if you book a few tables centre stage, then you can really get involved with the comedy acts, which is a great bonding experience.

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