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You may have heard around town that as a Creator, you can make money with MoviePilot and The rumors are true. We officially launched our Verified Creators program at the beginning of March, and to date we have accepted almost 100 Creators into the program. In April 2016, we'll be increasing our Rev Share from USD $1 to USD $1.40. Our goal is to pay Creators 50% of the revenue we make from programmatic advertising on MoviePilot and our new websites (Now Loading and Champions).

What exactly is Programmatic Advertising?

That's a damn good question, and unless you've worked in advertising or sales, we wouldn't expect you to be familiar with it. The truth is, nearly all successful online publishers use and profit from programmatic advertising. MoviePilot does this, too, and we've actually been doing pretty well lately. That's why we were able to launch the Verified Program, and that is the money we use to pay our Creators.

Programmatic is the latest frontier in online advertising. By utilizing the technology, we are selling our ad units in real time to the highest bidders and thus, maximizing revenue for our traffic. It's what keeps our company stable, and it allows us to be true to our core goal as a fan centric media company: we share our revenue with the fans who create awesome content for us.

Digiday wrote a great breakdown for real humans about Programmatic Advertising and how it's changed the direction of online advertising. Here's a TL;DR version if you don't want to dig too deeply into it.

Programmatic advertising is the use of machines and computer algorithms to buy and sell digital media in real-time using a defined set of business rules. When someone reads your article, the process looks something like this under the hood:

  • As the page loads, our ad server sends a request to our advertisers along with information such as location of the user and the topic of the article.
  • The advertisers on the other side then decide using their own data how much they want to spend to show their commercial to the user.
  • The programmatic technology then finds the highest bidder and serve the campaign with the blink of a human eye.

Programmatic for you, as a user

Programmatic Ads allows the advertiser to take a look at who you are and find the best matching ads for you. In general, most publishers need advertisement as part of their business model. What we need to avoid are irrelevant ads that don't interest you. So if you do see something that you like, why not click on it? It helps the advertiser select better ads for you, it helps us and most importantly, it helps the Creator.

50% Programmatic Revenue For Creators

There is no-one else out there providing a fair model for writers and Creators to participate in the financial success of online media. Our aim is to provide the writing platform and the audience; you write the content, and we monetize the content and the website. We're going to be very up front about this as it is important for us to always be transparent with the fans who give us their all, so if you have an interest in how much money we're making - we'll be happy to tell you. Our Revenue Share for Creators will always be a minimum of USD $1, but we will increase and, sometimes if we're not having a great month, reduce the number based entirely on our revenue.

So expect an announcement every month on the amount of Rev Share that we can provide. We are working on a dashboard for Verified Creators and on a page to report the revenue and Rev Share. So the good news is Rev Share for April is USD $1.40. We hope to increase it even further in the coming months.

We want our success to be your success, not only in reach and brand-building, but also in the form of money. Anyone who wants to take their writing to the next level has a chance to do so with us. If you're willing to work hard doing what you love, we're willing to match that investment with every resource we have at our disposal. Want to learn how to write for an online audience? Join our next MPU course in May. Think you're ready to start turning your writing into something more serious? Apply to become a Verified Creator. Whatever your needs are, we're looking out for you. Tell us what you're looking for - and if we don't have it yet, we'll build it.

And the next time you see ads on MoviePilot or our other new verticals, you'll know a little more about how they're helping you reach your goals.

Any questions? Let us know in the comments, email [email protected] or join our Creators Chat.

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