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I love WWE and DC mainly Batman, I am an average nerd so i know alot just to to much haha!

If you haven't seen the trailer yet take a look and prepare yourself!

Pros and Cons to the Trailer:


To be honest I really liked the trailer and some may not agree with this but I liked the song they used.

I like how they have the putties how they can be made from the surroundings which will make them a lot harder to destroy. I would love if they made a little joke saying something like “If only they had a button on them which would make them explode” just as a reference to the old series.

I thought it was funny in the scene when they are in the water and Zach says that he is black and billy said what no you’re not. The reason I like that scene was because in the original the actor of Zack was black and billy was white. I believe the reason they changed this was because of racial comments.

The Megazord in this looks bloody amazing, however I don’t really get to see how they combined which parts of which zords go where.


A few things in the movie that bugged me was, Alpha looked completely different and I did not like the looks or sounds of him. Another thing that really bugged me was it was mainly focusing on Trini (hence my theory below).

As a lot of people have been saying the spaceship looks a hell of a lot like the one in Man of Steel even down to the face of Zordon, because they used that 3d design in MoS.

One of the things I am kind of sceptical about is Goldar, I don’t know whether I like the looks of him or not, but you can kind of see his face when Kimberly’s pterodactyl is going in to attack him. So im still not sure if I like the looks of him or not.

Now since I'm not really yhe best at review videos I've asked my friend if i can show hers and she gave me the all clear to so feel free to subscribe to her. Warning there is swearing


Rumours say that in the past Zordon and Rita were power rangers, Zordon being the Red Ranger (hence the red around his face in the command centre) and Rita was the green. Now if they are correct it would have been a long time ago since Zordon is not a human, so by rights Rita wouldn’t be either so I think that she is trapped in spirit, and possesses Trini’s guardian. I’m saying guardian due to rumours saying Trini is adopted but I’m not too sure. There is a couple of reasons I think this one is that looking at this scene from the trailer there are a few things I pointed out.

When the guardian says “pee in this cup” some believe it sounds a lot like Elizabeth Banks. Also, you don’t get to see the mum’s face in the trailer.

Now this one is a little farfetched but the lid on the pee cup is green. Now if you are a Power Ranger you should know that everything is always the colours of what ranger they are, (Jason’s room is red for example).

One more reason for this theory is that the guardian has long fingernails, which so does Rita.

Another reason to this theory is the photo below which I’ll explain under it;

As you can see the bottom of the screen i believe they are Trini's hands
As you can see the bottom of the screen i believe they are Trini's hands

If my theory is correct I think in this scene the mother and Trini are having like a heart to heart chat in Trini’s bedroom, which could explain why Trini’s hands are on the guardian’s shoulders and then you see her turn into Rita.

I think this also because that Trini says how can we defeat her so if it is true they can’t really kill her because it will kill her guardian as well which that would make it even harder to stop her if it is her guardian.

Thank you for reading and please let me know in the comments if you agree or disagree or what your thoughts and theories are!

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