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As we can figure out at this point regarding Convergence, it was a way for fans who were not happy with the new 52 to say goodbye to their heroes from before the epic storyline "Flashpoint". But, as we have learned in the last 4 weeks, this set may have been better as a group of tie-ins as opposed to a "Contest of Champions" crossover. In actuality, the crossovers(which are mostly good) have nothing at all to do with the main storyline. No characters are going from one book to another, and stories in the crossovers are not even coinciding with one another. So, at this point, we have to ask ourselves "What is the purpose of this set?".

This issue again goes back to everything that is wrong with the set, as characters are again being pushed down our throats for the sake of doing it. The other main problem with the story is the lack of interest and focus, as the writing makes it difficult to care at all about any of the characters in the storyline. The art is again the only saving grace of this issue as the penciling and ink done in the issue is amazing, based on the number of characters that are seen in some of the panels. This issue also brings a new story into the mold as Telos is given a new origin, which shows that he is not just a "planet" but also a last survivor of a world. But, the way that this is shown again doesn't make us interested as it's told in flashbacks and we don't even know if any of it is even real. The true ironic part about this issue is the notion that Dick Grayson, who is slowly turning into a new Batman for the Earth 2 universe(with just an hour of training under his belt) asks the question if any of this is really worth it. Well, we are asking the same question when it comes to this entire storyline, as nothing is being accomplished and the main concept of the 1st four issues(domes fighting each other) is totally changed into a new concept by the end of this issue. Will the new concept make this story any better? Guess we need to wait 3 more weeks to find out. I give this issue a 4 out of 10.

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