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I want to start off by referencing a video that’s been circulating about an “aikido master” getting violently knocked out in a Russian street fighting MMA league. The article has no referential point based in fact, and is largely a collection of uneducated assumptions about a topic the writer obviously knows nothing about. The article frames Aikido as the culprit for getting the fighter viciously KO’d. Then goes on to support the thesis that Aikido is fake or magical and doesn’t work in a “real” self defense setting.

This is the article

First of all, an underground fighting league is not a self defense setting.

Secondly, never is a style responsible for the success of a fighter.

Third, this man did not practice Aikido, he abandoned any aikido that he may have known before he even stepped into the ring, and especially during the fight.

It’s articles like these that open the floor to a flood of comments from people who condemn Aikido as a martial art. But people also have to realize that the author doesn’t know that he doesn’t know. So of course, in agreement, the “Keyboard Shihan” has to tell everyone why Aikido is bullshit, only putting their own hypocrisy under a magnifying glass to the world while trying their damnedest to hide their own ignorance.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about all the discussion regarding martial arts styles.

There seems to be a large percentage of martial arts practitioners, who talk about the importance of loosing one’s ego. While I agree with the idea that ego is a necessary loss to develop further understanding of life as well as martial arts, I also observe many of these same people fall victim to comparative thinking. The comparative frame of mind is something one must strive to escape if you’re going to even think about about quieting the ego.

Conventional western thought is a framework for creating individualism. By nature, in our individualistic society, one falls victim to the deep internalization and victimization that is the comparative mind frame. If we look at someone else’s more and only think about that we have less, we have instantly created an opposition paradigm. The "you vs. me" survival of the fittest hegemony. Really, we all want to strive for harmony because then survival wouldn’t be a thing of scarcity. If we can collectively reach a point in our global ego to where we understand that survival of the fittest is not about the individual, and if we can escape the comparative mind frame, then we would see that in harmony the human race would be “the fittest” it’s ever been. Thus making our chance for survival also, the strongest it’s ever been.

So a call to action for all the haters out there…

Before you speak ill of something, try to find the deeper lesson that exists in any situation throughout your life. Condemning something inhibits learning from it. So check yourself whenever you begin to hate on someone or something, because you’re only inhibiting your own internal growth.

O' Sensei - Founder of Aikido
O' Sensei - Founder of Aikido

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