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You remember that movie Shazam with acting legend Shaquille O’Neil? It was one of the first movies I have ever seen and was one of the first movies to have ever resonated with me. Not that it is a particularly “good” film, but it was the idea of making three changes to your own life that struck me.

How do you only choose three aspects of your life to change? Which three? Why change those three? The number three has always been a cognizant cloud that has hovered over most of my decisions. Which is why after three years (see what I mean) of school with no shred or glimmering sense of direction, but a yearning to maintain a sense of accomplishment, I spent the better half of 2015 and all of the 2016 to fix three features of my life.

This was less of a decision to change myself to accommodate society’s absurd edicts; rather my intention was to see if I could have a better understanding of myself and body. Choosing only three things to begin work on was the hard part, but baby steps were primary I suppose. Hopefully with the new year on the horizon I can continue working on the big three and maybe even take on a fourth. However, for now it was to establish equanimity both physically and emotionally.

Working Out

This one is the epitome of a cliché, but there is a reason for that…it’s kinda true! I was sick for most of my childhood, remaining indoors with the company of Edgar Allan Poe and plenty of movies. The only images of masculinity I had obtained were from 1980s action movies where Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis were up against an army of 200 henchmen (always coming out on top against the odds I might add).

The work of Yukio Mishima really unveiled a neoteric understanding of the human body and spirit. Mishima is the only professional author, actor, poet, playwright, bodybuilder that I really know of— and I dare you to find another. His eloquent words of glib helped transpired into an overwhelming sense of influence for me. You will never have a problem-free moment in your life so conquering your own anger and malinger attitudes is a challenge that is certainly worth taking.

-Yukio Mishima (Sun and Steel)

Now I’m not suggesting you go full out crossfit and start flipping over truck tires (unless you want to), but some of the most successful people have always tried to maintain a sense of doing more than what they are supposed to do. Which can sound pretty tiring in theory, but nobody has ever crossed the finish line without a drop of sweat.


If you can tell me anything about the above scene and where it is from than you are awesome!

The first time I realized that I had a staunching interest in food was when I realized that the only reason I watched Julie and Julia so many times, a romantic comedy starring Meryl Streep that I don’t usually go for, was merely for the cooking scenes.

For years now, cooking has been a form of therapy that many have been honored to take up. The process of creating something almost by scratch has the capabiliyu of providing an atmosphere of reward. This was something that I had always wanted to get into but for whatever reason— too much work, too much money, not manly enough— it was something that I put off to the side until I chose it for my three.

-Anthony Bourdain

From oeufs en meurette to short rib burgers, there were many meals that I had attempted to sack with my gladiatorial weapons of spatulas, serrated knives, and a “Boss of the Sauce” apron as my armor. To be quite honest, cooking was more of a metaphor for me in regards to expressing my creativity (as well as awarding myself with food, the best remedy). It doesn’t matter if you take up painting or knitting for that matter, there is no better feeling than finding a strong interest in something that you once thought that you would not be interested in.

Reading & Writing

I have written for a few blogs where an immense process ensues of contacting the editor and waiting weeks on end for a response only to rewrite it. After your article is finally published five weeks has gone by. Part of the reason why Creators.Co/Moviepilot is an excellent source of writing is that you do not have to go through that very process. Instead you submit on your page and hope to share it with others who have the same interest.

-Ernest Hemingway

It has been writing for this site as well as other platforms that have helped me find some sort of direction in what I want to do in the future. I have always enjoyed writing, but never to the extent of realizing that there are a variety of career options that require it. For the past year-and-a-half writing has been a major part of my life and something that I hope to continue with.

Of course, reading is to writing what Red is to Andy Dufresne. The written word has caused some of the most substantial events in history. I mean during the Civil War Abraham Lincoln reportedly once said to Harriet Beecher Stowe, “So you’re the little woman who wrote the book that started this great war,” after the release of Uncle Tom’s Cabin created a divide within the nation.

Getting out and getting influenced was my number three and it certainly has helped me ascertain a better understanding of myself and where my passions lie. While there are plenty of things we could all work on, for me, it was taking three details, however small or large, and employing them into my routine. Taking on something familiar, but with a whole new meaning behind it has changed every aspect of my life and has made 2016 one of the best years (and I know I’m mean the minority who thinks that). One of the primary keys to success is never knowing when you are successful, which is why I am continuing with my three decisions.

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