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What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear about role-playing video games? You probably picture role-playing games as fun loving, but they teach you skills that you can use in the real world. What actually makes these games impressive and engaging?

1.) Setting: Many Role-Playing Games start with a great setting. The setting does not include 3d or 2d art used to create the map that the players explore, but the cultures, history, geography, religions, races, technology, traditions, factions, knowledge and legends that motivate the player to get involved in the game. So, if the elements are well executed, they make an excellent playing environment.

2.) Character Building: Once you have a responsive setting, it is natural to engage yourself in it, and the best way to do it is by creating a character that can be used as your vehicle of exploration. The more control you have, the more connected you feel to your character and the easier it is for you to involve yourself in the environment.

3.) Exploration: Once you have your favorite character and proper setting, the first thing you would be excited about is exploring the game world. There are unique game worlds for every video game. From a strictly linear world, where the player proceeds to narrative fragments, or scenes, and isn’t allowed to turn from them to the zoned world maps world, where players gradually unlock the maps after completing their earlier maps. The most influential part of the exploration is how interactive the world is and how dynamic it feels.

4.) Game-play Variety: Role Playing Games usually offer the comprehensive range of game-play options when it comes to video games. Most Role Play Video games give you a variety of interactive and appealing ways to complete mission objectives.

5.) Character Progression: The system that controls character development is called leveling. When players complete its action of whether killing an enemy or completing a stage of a quest, the game awards them with the experience. When the player earns a satisfactory amount of experience, they move a level up. When the player levels-up, he is allowed to make some improvements in their character, either by building attribute scores or by acquiring new skills, spells or perks. The foremost satisfaction of playing a Role Playing Video Game is leveling your character and becoming the best that you can be.

6.) Dramatic Narrative: When you’re playing a Role Playing Video Game, you’re usually playing the main role. It only makes sense if that role has the challenge of epic proportions. Great RPVGs usually have a good story line to go along with them.

7.) Consequences: Almost related to dramatic narrative, the consequence is that element that enables your actions as a player to develop the world that you’re exploring. The best game takes a balanced strategy to the consequence that explains if you do something that closes one door, another door will always be opened. This keeps your game fresh and exciting every time you play.

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