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It may seem a far-fetched concept to most but McGregor versus Mayweather would undoubtedly be a spectacle. This bout is one of those rumours that refuses to die, despite a fight never materialising, the two fighters are trading barbs in the media. Many analysts and industry figures believe it will never happen. With that being said, how should a fantasy match-up, between two champions of their respective sports, take place?

It is fair to say that has transcended the sport of . He is not only the biggest star in combat sports but also a huge celebrity in mainstream entertainment. Therefore, it would feel like a demotion to see him fight on a boxing card. Mayweather is every bit a boxing legend but other than him, McGregor would be fighting alongside relative unknowns. To most fans at least, especially the casuals. This would seem especially strange given that Conor has just fought for a second belt on the biggest card ever. The solution: have them box on a cross-promotion UFC event.

It makes the most sense for them to fight on a special UFC card in association with Mayweather promotions. It is not unheard of for a boxing bout to take place on the same card as MMA fights. MMA and kickboxing have had special crossover events. It would feel a lot more like a special attraction to have a boxing bout on a UFC card for the first time ever. Especially if they had an octagon and a ring in the same arena. This would also mean another piece of history is made in the UFC. The drama of this unprecedented boxing bout taking place on the same card as some of the biggest stars in mixed martial arts would be incredible.

Combine this with the fact that you have the most notorious star in MMA, versus a living boxing legend and you have the biggest night in combat sports. It could be the most lucrative pay per view in history. When you consider the mainstream popularity of both men.

When McGregor fights, he draws in hoards of people who only watch when he fights. The same is true of Mayweather, when he fought Pacquiao people showed up in their droves (that never normally watch boxing) to see the two best boxers on the planet throwdown. Throw in the millions of the MMA and fandoms respectively: you have a blockbuster night.

As for the fight itself, people believe the result is a foregone conclusion...I am not so sure. This could be a fascinating encounter. Mayweather's defensive avoidance has run rings around some of the best boxers in the world. His elusive style has allowed him to drift away from blows like a ghost. McGregor, has defied the odds time and again. Before every mammoth task we believe that this opponent will be the one to best him. However, (almost) every time he proves everyone wrong. McGregor can land that destructive left hand from virtually any angle. Despite the fact he doesn't seem to be putting a lot into it, he puts people to sleep. Can Conor's laser guided left hand missile find its mark this time?

Just imagine it. Floyd Mayweather's impenetrable Philly Shell versus Conor McGregor's left of death. A joint venture between Mayweather Promotions and the UFC. This would break every record, not just in boxing or MMA but in combat sports history.

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