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, who you may know as Ricky Conlan in , has been very vocal about for some time. Soon after winning the Cruiserweight title in an emotional moment at Goodison Park, Bellew called out David 'The Hayemaker' Haye. This came via an interview with the new champion on Sky Sports. He claimed that Haye was conning the British public by fighting 'clowns' that "he wouldn't employ as sparring partners".

The beef between the two British boxers intensified following Bellew's first title defence. After knocking out BJ Flores, Bellew got on the mic and ripped Haye to shreds as he looked on from ringside. He even revealed that he and a teammate put the hurt on Haye in sparring sessions back at amateur.

It is hard to deny that 'Bomber' Bellew is a great talker. The interviews he has done putting Haye on blast have been wickedly entertaining. This bout is bringing the entertainment aspect back to British boxing, which in comparison to MMA, has been rather stale of late.

At heavyweight, Haye has been attaining fast knockouts over his opponents with a title shot against in his sights. With that being said, Bellew is the highest profile fighter he has faced since his return from a considerable injury lay-off. Tony is not a heavyweight but could a win over him springboard Haye into the title picture?

It should be interesting to see how Bellew fairs in the heavier weight class. Could the increased size allowance add to his already formidable power? He is also a very technical boxer who has shown that he has the heart to comeback from a knockdown. Although, Haye is a devastating power-puncher who is accustomed to fighting at heavyweight.

This is a huge fight for British boxing and if it was not exciting enough already, the feud has gathered yet more steam. In the first official press conference, Haye and Bellew came to blows. During an explosive press conference, the two adversaries came face-to-face before numerous journalists. Bellew did not take kindly to Haye pushing his forehead against his and shoved his opponent. As Tony shoved, David threw a left hand which seemed to have landed. The two future opponents were swiftly separated but the point was made: neither man is messing around and some genuine animosity is going to be settled when they meet in the ring.

If you are a fan of boxing in any way, you do not want to miss this. Tony Bellew vs David Haye. 4th of March. It's on like Donkey Kong.

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