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is no stranger to iconic, medium defining genre films. As well as credits in monilithic franchises like and , Ford starred in another hugely influential piece of cinema. . Ford is participating in yet another revival of an iconic franchise as releases in 2017.

There is a lot to be interpreted from the atmospheric trailer. The one thing we can say for certain is that 's character is a Blade Runner. He appears to be looking for Ford's Agent Deckard. The big question is: why?

My theory is that Agent K (Gosling) has been sent to kill Deckard. The first film ended in a rather ambiguous way, leaving it up to fans to speculate on whether or not Deckard is actually a replicant. Perhaps the rogue Deckard has become a target for Agent K's employers. With that being said, they will no doubt decide to team-up.

When Agent K is looking for Deckard in the trailer, he crosses a desert wasteland. There is an enormous statue head in the sand, showing that there used to be civilisation there. Is this a sign that there has been some kind of war? Maybe this is why Agent K says: "Things were simpler then."

Despite the changes, we know that some things remain the same. The dream-like neon futurism of the original remains, as does the haunting synth soundtrack. Also, in a recent interview with Screen Daily director, Denis Villeneuve said he kept the R rating.

A fitting sequel to the sci-fi classic is on the way and according to the director, a third could be in the works. More opportunities to delve into that fascinating universe would certainly be welcome. Exciting times are ahead for Blade Runner fans! Be sure to subscribe for more on TV shows, movies and combat sports!

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