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Recently a video has blown up on social media. It shows middleweight champion, and welterweight champion agreeing to a superfight. The star studded fight would be at a catchweight of 180 pounds, no title on the line, just bragging rights. So how could an encounter between 'The Count' and the welterweight champ go down?

It is worth noting that Bisping would be cutting more weight than usual, whereas Tyron would be moving up. Woodley is already a monster at welterweight but with an additional bonus weight allowance of ten pounds, he could be even more jacked. The extra size could aid him in the grappling.

The striking game in this match-up is intriguing. Woodley has the ability to end a fight at any time. He is an athletically gifted power puncher that seems to move quicker than most people can see. Woodley is operating on a higher frame rate to most humans. With all that being said, Michael Bisping's stand-up game is superb. It has carried him to victory against , one of the greatest of all time. Another legend in and in a title winning first round TKO of .

A huge factor in this fight will of course be the cardio. Tyron is an explosive fighter who fights in bursts of intensity, trying to knock his opponents out with one clean shot. However, explosive fighters often fade as the fight draws on, it is extremly difficult to keep up that sort of pace for five rounds.

Michael Bisping is reknowned for his impressive conditioning. His resting heart beat clocks in at 35 beats per minute. That is as low as you expect from a world class athlete. We saw Woodley go five rounds with Stephen Thompson in their 200 barnburner but inches count when it comes to . If he wanes even a tiny amount in the later rounds, it could play to Bisping's advantage. The middleweight champion may conserve his energy, weather the intial storm, so that by the final three rounds he is sprinting.

Bisping could take the decision but Woodley has the ability to end a fight in an instant. This one is a pick em' with two world champions. Both men are leaders of the industry in their own right and could put on a show in their . When you think about the year both of these guys had in 2016, this bout would whip up a lot of excitement.

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