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As a visitor of Champions, you will undoubtedly be aware of a potential between and . A video recently went viral of champion, Woodley and middleweight title holder, Bisping verbally agreeing to a bout. The 170 pound champion has given us some more details regarding this situation on his podcast.

Woodley was asked on The Morning Wood Show about the prospective bout with Bisping. He commented that it is the first time a fighter will be going up in weight, stronger than the person they are going up to face. According to the welterweight champion, he will have the advantage in speed, power, wrestling and technique. Tyron says he won't make the mistake that his previous foes have. He would say that.

"I won't mind having two belts". This is certainly news to fans. In the video Bisping and Woodley appear to agree that the fight will be at a catchweight with no belt up for grabs. However, as Woodley claims later on in the podcast, that may not be the case. Tyron says he thought Bisping didn't want a belt on the line, he was confused by "no belt?" after the welterweight champion suggested 180 pounds.

He cleared this up with: "He was saying that, hey, if we do it at that weight there would be no belt on the line". 'The Chosen One' asserted that he does want to go all the way up to 185 and challenge for the championship.

The seed of this fight was planted on a Fox Sports show. The two analysts were discussing Georges St-Pierre off-camera and how they both want to fight the legend. The two went back and forth on who should get that fight, joking that they would fight for it. The joke quickly became a genuine idea, when you get two alpha males in the same room, these things happen. What ensued was the video we all saw.

This is just one of many fights on the horizon though. Tyron said his options were laid out by the as follows:

  • If wants to fight for the welterweight title, that fight takes precedance.
  • Woodley neglected to say where the superfight comes on this list but it presumably comes second. The nature of the fight potentially being for the middleweight strap and the financially incentive makes this one enticing.
  • The next bout down on the hierarchy is a brother at . This one is important to him if a match-up with Nick or Nate is possible.
  • In his own words, the rematch with Stephen Thompson is a 'fallback'.

This is an exciting fight if it happens, we have two champions that are pillars of their industry. I gave my analysis of how it could go down here. Although it is important to note that this one is difficult to call. Either way, there has never been a better time to be an MMA fan.

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