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The idea of 'The Notorious' taking on was a dream match at first. In that there was zero chance of it happening but it was nice to think about. When McGregor was on his ascent to superstardom, fight fans began to theorise about how a bout against Floyd Mayweather would go. Fans often do this when a fighter appears to be unbeatable.

Conor encouraged the dreaming by claiming that he would destroy the legend of but it remained a pipe dream...until recently. Other than the numerous TMZ videos where the two stars traded verbal barbs, let's run through all of the major events in this saga so far.

After winning the lightweight championship on a historic night in , Conor announced he would be taking time off. That amount of time is said to be about eleven months but who can say with Conor McGregor? For all we know he could come back next week to try for a third belt. He immediately got to celebrating making history by going on a massive bender. McGregor has been virtually MIA ever since except for the occasional sighting, cackling in an SUV with a bottle of Jack Daniels.

The one official move he has made though, captured the imagination of analysts and fans alike. The attained a license to box in the state of California. Amidst a monumental piss-up the two-weight champ made a huge political move. Many industry commenters viewed the step as an attempt to stay relevant. Others saw it as a mind game that will result in Conor getting in the square circle, potentially opposite Floyd. One thing is for certain: it aded momentum to the rumour train.

Enter Floyd Mayweather. The press, spurred on by this news, repeatedly asked Mayweather about a fight with the star. However, at this point he refuted the rumours. He claimed that McGregor's license was a publicity stunt and that they shouldn't even compare the Irishman to himself.

Recently Floyd has changed his tune. He has gone on a campaign trail of sorts, a tour of sports news shows. He is now saying that he wants the bout with Conor. He has said it is the only fight he woud come out of retirement for risking his 49-0 record. He also claimed that he made 'The Notorious' an offer of 15 million that he allegedly turned down.

, who has been speaking on his empolyee's behalf, responded on The Herd. He denied that an offer had been made but gave one of his own, 25 million each and they'll come to an agreement on PPV takings. Floyd laughed off the figure, adding: "He's a f*cking comedian". The fact remains though...he wants the fight for the right cash.

Let's just give these two a mountain of cash and make them throwdown. To read my thoughts on how it should be booked and how it could go down click here. If you enjoyed this article please share it with your friends.

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