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Is the 'Skrap Pack' invading boxing? Word has come out recently, via MMA Fighting, that is applying for a license in the state of Nevada. Since UFC 202, Nate Diaz has been very vocal about his grievances with the promotion. He has said many times that he would not fight in the unless he gets the rubber match against .

After fighting out a thriller with McGregor back in August, Diaz has been largely absent from the MMA scene. He made his demands and went back into exile in Stockton, except for the occasional taunting on social media. His name was thrown into the mix during the mess surrounding the interim lightweight title fight. That could have made sense, he wants to follow his old foe back to his previous home of 155. However, that talk has since died out. has said he would not let them fight again as McGregor is 'too special'.

Here is where the story gets more interesting. Nate was later quoted as saying that he would not fight unless it was for $200 million. Not only that, he wants out of MMA to persue boxing. Nate having a successful career in boxing is not outside the realm of possibility. Both Diaz brothers are outstanding boxers and train with world champions of the sport.

MMA Fighting are reporting that exec, Bob Bennett told them Diaz is applying for a boxing license in Nevada. The site also state that McGregor is looking to get a boxing license in Nevada too, to go with the one he has for California. This is somewhat of a U-turn. McGregor said he would not fight in Nevada again due to the harsh punishment dished out by the NAC, stemming from the UFC 202 press conference melee.

of course only fights in Vegas. McGregor getting a license in California was a publicity stunt but could acquiring one in Nevada be the key to the Mayweather fight happening? Perhaps Diaz is getting his license because he is still chasing the third fight. Dana White would have no jurisdiction or way of stopping it in a different sport.

It is an interesting time for combat sports. We could be living in a new golden era, certainly for MMA. To stay up to date on all things combat sports, subscribe to GJC Reviews.

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