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I enjoy the beauty of nature, music, and any movies with Leonardo DiCaprio and JGL ♥

Disney has done it again: bringing a fun-filled, witty, and beautiful animated film for people of all ages to enjoy!

Here are a few reasons why you should see the movie!

1) The Presentation of Culture

Disney knows how to represent! The movie takes place in the lustrous Polynesian Islands, instantly immersing viewers into the culture thanks to the amazing animation and music! From seeing their village to their beautiful attire, it was surely a sight to see. On a general scope, it is nice to see a movie that is able to present a beautiful culture on a global scale for audiences around the world to enjoy... and possibly help for traveling plans! :)

Young Moana (middle) sharing a drink with her pet pig, Pua.
Young Moana (middle) sharing a drink with her pet pig, Pua.

2) Of course, the Soundtrack

There's no movie without a wonderful soundtrack! A track that I am particularly fond of is "How Far I'll Go" by the voice actor of Moana herself, Auli'i Cravalho. It sends a wonderful message to all who are still trying to pursue their dreams. Believe me, it was hard for me to hold back tears while listening to the meaningful lyrics. Hear it for yourself!

Other tracks feature traditional Polynesian music, allowing us to further appreciate Disney's efforts to bring the culture to life.

3) Moana and her Character

Moana is portrayed as an adventurous and determined girl. By teaming up with a demi-god named Maui (voiced by the Sexiest Man Alive Dwayne "Rock" Johnson ;) ), her objective is to save her island, and ultimately the world, from darkness. Throughout the movie, no matter what struggles she faces, she keeps her chin high and pushes on. It's amazing how viewers, young and old, can relate to her character.

4) The lovely Grandma Tala

We all at least have a Grandma Tala in our lives: a person who is willing to lend an ear and words of comfort and wisdom to our troubles. She reminds us of our friends and family members who are always there to support whatever decisions we make. Although she may be old and frail, her witty words are powerful and thought provoking. And just like any other affectionate grandmother, viewers can't help but feel the warmth of her words towards Moana. ♥

Grandma Tala with Moana.
Grandma Tala with Moana.

5) Heihei, our Animal Sidekick

If you don't like Heihei, then I don't know what to say! Let's just say he will give another reason to appreciate chickens. :P

Our wonderful animal sidekick, Heihei ♥
Our wonderful animal sidekick, Heihei ♥

6) Lastly, the Meaning of the Conch

Our young Moana. :) ♥
Our young Moana. :) ♥


Have you ever heard of the saying, "If you ever put a conch towards your ear, you will hear the ocean"? In the case of this story, Moana is constantly asking about her own identity and her calling. She is conflicted between the duties of being the future chief of her island or sailing the seas for an adventure. During her younger years (depicted in the picture above), a particular scene shows the Ocean Spirit leaving conches on the sand for her to collect which symbolically, yet subtly, foreshadows Moana being able to grasp her calling. Later when she finds out that her ancestors were originally voyagers does this make her determined to pursue her dreams (of course, with a little help from Grandma Tala too). Towards the end of the film, a conch is stacked on a sacred mound of rocks that symbolizes the line of chiefs before Moana, clearly representing Moana's new chiefhood as the chief that brings back voyaging to her village and ultimately answers her call to the ocean.

Moana will soon be available on DVD and Blu-ray on March 7, 2017.

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