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It's not been so long since we had our sixth instalment of the series, and news and rumours about the seventh season is already in swing.

Let's take a look at the facts we know so far about season 7:

How many seasons?

It's been confirmed by FX CEO John Landgraf that the trilogy has been renewed up until season 9. Yes, that means we're guaranteed more gore, more horror, and more twists for another three seasons.

Who's been cast?

Ryan Murphy has confirmed that our all time favourites and will be returning for season 7. Yes, that's another chance for Emmy Award winner Sarah Paulson to impress audiences with her breathtaking and perplexing acting skills.

Additionally, Murphy previously said that Season 7 would involve several Freak Show characters. So could we see the return of , , , and various others?

What's the theme?

Ryan Murphy has confirmed that season 7 will be set in the modern day and we can expect the theme to surround water given the hint the producers gave us at the end of

When will it be on our screens?

There's been no official release date as of yet, but judging by previous years, we can expect the hit horror anthology to return to our screens September/October 2017.

Are you excited for season 7? What would you like the theme to be?

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