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Supergirl's second season is proving that the show can excel in character development. Although Kara is obviously the main hero, other characters frequently display heroic qualities in their own way.

Over the course of the show, I especially couldn't help but notice the many struggles Alex Danvers has faced. From badass DEO agent to loving sister, she can take on anything. In my opinion, Alex saves the day better than the Girl of Steel. And if she becomes Batwoman, her character could become even more important. Alex easily demonstrates that you do not need a cape, or powers, to be a hero, and here's why.

1. She Sacrifices Her Time For Others

Alex's personal life has always taken a backseat. Her childhood was dedicated to looking after Kara, and Alex hasn't stopped protecting her since. She even put her medical career on hold to work for the DEO, thus protecting Kara even further. When J'onn J'onzz shared his meaningful story of meeting her father, she immediately felt the need to be there for him.

Her drive to keep Kara and J'onn from harm has often placed her in life-threatening situations. But what's remarkable about Alex is that she doesn't feel forced to rescue — she truly cares for those around her.

2. Her Coming Out Is Empowering

In "Crossfire," Alex struggles with her sexuality after developing feelings for Maggie Sawyer. She later confides in Maggie and explains her longing to be perfect, but the one part of her life she could never get right was dating. Because of this she felt empty, and even thought something was wrong with her. She discovers the reason for this is the possibility of her being gay.

Alex's realization of her sexuality is extremely relatable for queer viewers. Her journey is not at all rare. Alex beautifully shows us that it is never too late to discover who you are.

Since "Crossfire," Alex's story has been encouragingly portrayed in every episode to date. She decided to come out to Kara and her mother, who were both fully supportive. You can clearly see that Alex is happier with her life, and has proudly accepted who she is:

3. Giving Up Is Not An Option

Alex's persistence is highly admirable. This is notable in the tragic episode "For the Girl Who Has Everything." When Kara was trapped in a hallucination that took her back to Krypton, Alex maneuvers the virtual world to free her — even requesting to not be brought back before her chance to save Kara. Even at the first sign of trouble, Alex never shows fear. Without question, she will stop at nothing to save whom she loves.

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