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Over the years, DC Comics has become well-known for including positive representation in their stories. In 2016, they teamed up with IDW Publishing to create Love Is Love — an anthology comprised of short stories that celebrate the queer community and honor the victims of the Orlando tragedy.

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Upon the graphic novel's release on December 28, many readers (myself included), couldn't get through the first few pages without breaking into tears. It was incredibly moving. This powerful anthology inspired freelance artist and illustrator, Luciano Vecchio to generate a beautiful story of his own:

'Origin Of Love' By Luciano Vecchio

Every queer character of the DC Universe is included in this piece. has been an LGBT icon since her inception, so it made perfect sense to focus on her. In the last photo, I immediately noticed Kate Kane (Batwoman), who I, and many comic fans look up to. My favorite couple, and Poison Ivy, are adorably hand-in-hand, which put a smile on my face.

Also featured are power couple Midnighter and Apollo, who have shown the world they are unstoppable. Vecchio's Origin of Love is truly remarkable, and would have fit flawlessly in the pages of Love Is Love.

The Love Is Love anthology is available now at Amazon, IDW Publishing and your local comic store. All of its proceeds go to Equality Florida. Get it while you can!

Luciano Vecchio will be an artist to look out for in 2017. You can stay updated with him through his social media pages at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and DeviantArt.

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