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A big thank you to all of YOU for yet another amazing week with lots of great new content! Week in, week out you continue to raise the bar and it's reflected in the awesome quizzes, articles, videos, fan art and reviews you create on a weekly basis. Without further ado, let's have a look at this week's Moviepilot newcomers who have impressed us with their fantastic work. Stay awesome!

1. Five Reasons Why You Should Watch the Amy Winehouse Documentary BY Aileen Flanagan

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that I can't believe it has been 4 years since Amy Winehouse passed away. Her music is as popular now as it was back then, and for a good reason. Later this summer fans will be able to follow Amy's turbulent journey from a talented young girl to a troubled soul and worldwide superstar in the highly anticipated Amy Winehouse Documentary. New Creator Aileen Flanagan lists 5 reasons why it is a must-see.

2. Which Classic Movie Should You Watch? BY Jude Owers

Have you ever sat at home, not knowing what movie to watch next? Because I have. Well, how about watching a golden oldie instead of something new! New Moviepilot Creator Jude Owers has created a quiz that will make your life a lot easier. Answer 10 simple questions and you will be good to go this weekend!

3. My Passion - SFX Makeup BY Sylwia "Keroina" Marcjanik

Sylwia Marcjanik is a 19 year old SFX/makeup artist with a true passion for her craft. Just one look at her work and that becomes terrifyingly clear. Taking inspirations from Silent Hill and many modern day horror classics, Salwia has transformed herself into monsters both well-known and self-created. Her skills are razor sharp and her imagination is absolutely unmatched. I have to warn you as well, this post is probably not one for the weak stomached. Check out her first series of photos here, and say hello to one of the young up and coming faces in the SFX makeup world!

4. Recreating Classic Movie Posters with Modern Technology BY Walking Dreams

In this series, digital artist Lionel Lalande has recreated some of films most iconic posters making use of mobile devices and all of the apps we use today in modern life. For example, what if Romeo and Juliet actually met on Tinder? What if Tom Hanks used a drawing app to keep himself busy on his desert island instead of a volleyball? All these questions and more are answered this fun and vibrant post. Check it out, and let him know which classic posters you’d like to see him put his spin on next!

5. Why Marvel's All New All Different is a Positive Statement! BY Marcus McMillon

New Creator Marcus has wasted no time in getting right down to the big issues since joining Moviepilot. Here he discusses Marvel's All New All Different line up and why it's a good thing for both the comics and fandom in general. Head over to the post to see him take on a lot of massive issues within the community but managing to do it with respect and positivity.

6. Ukiyo-e Art of Xiaobaosg BY William Chua

Creator William Chua has taken the classical style of ukiyo-e art and combined it with a variety of fantastic fandoms such as Super Mario and The Avengers. The collection is a must see this week for its originality and the skill executed by William to realise this fantastic concept!

7. Pushing Pixels: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Embrace the Digital Landscape BY Dave Bardin

Brand new Creator, Dave Bardin has created some of the most action packed superhero themed fan-art out there! He sucks you in and makes you live what he draws. Warning - after gazing upon these works of art, you WILL wish that these characters were in watchable animation form!

8. What If Superheroes Had Part Time Jobs? BY FlyingMouse365

Not all superheros are Waynes or Starks, some need to still keep their day job while keeping the streets clean on the side. Fan artist, Flying Mouse has giving the Supes some part time work that suits their unusual talents. These colorful and cute images bring the fun form the comics into a new medium.

9. How Kryptonite Should Be Handled in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice BY Andrew Brindley

How often have watched a Superman film or flicked through a comic to discover that Kryptonite seems to have a different affect on him every single time? One minute it is completely debilitating, the next it is but a mere inconvenience! Well, let Creator Andrew Brindley explain how to avoid this in the upcoming blockbuster - Dawn of Justice!

10. My Batman Tribute! BY NarizAmavizca

There are many fantastic incarnations of Batman, but NarizAmavizca has still managed to create his own tribute to the dark knight with his own unique style. Within the post he goes into further detail to discuss how and why he created this tribute, making it well worth the attention of any true fan of the Batman.

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