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Welcome to - your platform to write about the topics you’re passionate about with an engaged community and an audience of millions.

Creators is the result of our mission to turn fans into influencers, which began in 2014 when we launched the Creators program on Movie Pilot. Since then, our Creator community has grown into one of the biggest and most engaged in the world. Think of as your launchpad; write about the topics you love, and we'll help you reach the right audience and build your own network of engaged fans around your content.

How does it work? is the publishing platform where all content originates. You can write about anything on Creators - from lifestyle to technology to architecture - the platform is yours to mould. We also promote any relevant, well-written articles over to our sister websites: Movie Pilot, Now Loading, Playsource and Champions. If you write an amazing article that doesn’t fit within those publications, we have a home for your content on, where we promote the best articles by passionate fans around any topic you want to delve into. You can also create your own hashtag pages and contribute to any topic or community you're passionate about - like, or , for example.

Can I post my content directly to your websites? is an open-posting platform where you can write about the topics you love, and publish directly to your profile. Whether it was written by a Creator or a member of the in-house team, every post on Movie Pilot, Now Loading, Playsource and Champions was created and published on Each website gets filled with relevant curated content from

Each day the Movie Pilot home page has a particular topic or theme, and we look for Creator content based on that topic. The homepage operates a little differently- it houses the latest Creator-made content each day, and showcases a wide range of topics. If you write about , for example, and we consider it to be a well-written, thoughtful piece, although this wouldn’t fit on Movie Pilot (TV and movies), it would certainly have a home on the homepage.

What has changed about Movie Pilot?

Since the launch of, we have a renewed focus on what makes our brand unique: passionate fans writing articles about the topics they love. Movie Pilot is now one of many avenues to share your work with us. Because our Creators told us they wanted to expand their horizons, we developed new audiences to cater to all of the topics they're passionate about. It’s for this reason that we need to curate the content that appears on Movie Pilot to fit with our brand and core focus (movies and TV). This means our readers will see more of what they expect on, and we’ll reach new audiences for other topics you’ve been waiting to dive into.

What is new about

We're passionate about building communities around topics fans truly care about, so we've launched writing programs, and added more ways for you to connect and share with other Creators on the platform (such as on Creators Chat!). We’ve also launched the Verified Creators Program, to reward our most successful Creators with a revenue share for their work. We're constantly working on updates to grow and develop the platform based on your welcome feedback. We want to make sure we have the best creative environment possible to help you reach your personal writing goals.

Where will my articles be published?

Your articles will first be published on your profile page on That doesn’t mean they can’t be also featured on, Now Loading, Champions, the Creators homepage and/or our social pages. Everything begins from and launches on a journey from there, based on the topic, quality and relevancy of each article.

What content will be promoted on is the place you can go wild with creative freedom! Our homepage is also curated content from our Creators - it is here that you have the autonomy to write about whatever topic you have a passion for, and if it’s a great piece, we’ll find a place for it on the Creators home page. On the homepage, our only pre-requisite is quality and passion.

How do I get promoted on your other websites and social media pages?

The same way you do right now - post awesome articles, and we will take care of the rest! We read each and every Creator article that comes through, and have dedicated teams on hand to curate them to the right place. Your only job is to write and publish great content, and we’ll take care of transporting it where it belongs.

What happens if my article is not promoted?

Your article will still be available on your profile and on the latest page of We’re always on hand to give feedback if you’re wanting to know why your article was not promoted - we have the Creators Academy course (free and self-paced!) for you to learn the fundamentals to really hone your skills and become a successful online writer.

What’s the difference between writing on and any other blogging website?

With Creators you can leverage the reach of Movie Pilot’s massive network of over 30 million monthly viewers, and the growing audiences behind Now Loading and Champions. You will still have your own dedicated profile page, but you also have the potential to reach millions of fans. We have one of the most passionate, active and engaged communities you’ll find on the world wide web, so you will no doubt find others who share the same interests as you!

We want Creators to be the best experience possible for you. Our company is driven by fans, for fans. So let’s build this thing together! If there’s anything on your mind that we haven’t covered here - feel free to email us at [email protected] or get in touch via Creators Chat.

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