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We know it can sometimes be difficult to come up with amazing ideas on the spot, or when you do have an amazing idea - to shape it into the article it deserves to be. So here are a few resources we've found that might help spark that creative energy and remind you that there's a story within you - you just need the right tools at hand in order to release it.

1. 11 Things To Write About When You Don't Know What To Write About

This helpful article from Entrepreneur lists some excellent starting points to get the ideas train chugging towards that next article. Here you'll learn that sometimes, the simplest ideas are the best - such as to 'write a counterpoint to another article'. We're all capable of this, so it's definitely beneficial to dust off your debating hat and give it a try. Using this tactic will help provide simple structure to your piece, as you're basing it on the arguments of an existing article.

2. Ira Glass on Storytelling

Ira Glass is the iconic host of the radio podcast 'This American Life', which is a weekly series of incredible stories based around a central theme. If you haven't ever tuned in - you're really missing out on something great! When it comes to great storytelling, Ira is a true master of his craft. This easily digestible four-part video series will introduce you to the backbone of telling a story, and although he talks more specifically about personal narratives - there are universal lessons to be learnt here.

3. The Writer As Robot: Fluency, Fan-Fiction and Finding My Voice

'Finding your voice' is such an elusive term in the writing world, and it can often feel like a journey with no end. That's because it is - and as soon as you accept that your 'writer's voice' will and should change and evolve as your skills and knowledge grow, the anxiety around finding your voice should start to ebb away. So take a break from tapping you foot and waiting for that 'voice' to magically appear, and have a read of this inspiring little article from The Toast about a fan-fiction writer and her journey of self-discovery. Read her story, but also pay attention to how she effectively conveys emotion to the reader and structures the narrative to keep us entertained throughout.

4. The Eternally Clickable Headlines of Buffer (And How To Write and Find Your Own)

This is an easy-to-read list of the top 10 tweet headlines from Buffer, with a nice analysis of why each of them resonated with their audience. There is a whole lot of science behind why people click, share and engage, and this article uses these 10 headlines to discuss some of those ideas. The article also provides some helpful headline formulas to go back to whenever you feel stuck.

5. Bane Of Your Resistance

This entire website is dedicated to people suffering from writers block, and has an abundance of great articles you can check out to help push you through the moments of procrastination or lack of inspiration we all fall victim to.


Something very simple, but training your brain to expand your vocabulary is fundamental to your growth as a writer. We all have those adjectives and phrases we fall back on again and again, and it's important to move beyond basic, repetitive descriptors if you really want to capture a modern audience. This website is full of fun word games to make broadening your word variety a much more enjoyable task.

7. 17 Resources To Level Up Your Writing

Not sure what you're looking for, but know you need to just GET. $HIT. DONE? Check out this awesome guide one of our editors put together for Creators. Headline and structural help, words of wisdom from the writers, directors and actors we love, tips on how to deal with frustrations - this article has something for everyone.

Hopefully you found some of these tips, tricks and tools useful to your individual writing stressors - we don't expect you to read them all at once, but I would recommend bookmarking this article for future reference when you're feeling stuck or uninspired. As always, if you need any additional help - reach out to us via the Creators Academy chat channel.

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