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Congratulations on completing Creators Academy! By now, we hope you've learned a few essential technical writing skills, as well as the ability to identify what readers are looking for in your articles to make them truly unique and engaging. And now that you've produced all those killer articles, you're probably wondering what comes next for you!

Apply For The Verified Creators Program!

The Verified Creators program is designed to reward our most talented Creators for the amazing articles they share with us every day. By completing Creators Academy, you're in a great position to apply for the program. Before you jump right in though, we want to give you the best opportunity to be accepted into the program. Your application article cannot have been edited by us as it should be a true reflection of your writing ability. However, we can help you to ensure the article you choose to write is a unique, relevant and interesting idea.

So if you'd like that extra help to develop your outline before you start writing, you can pitch your idea here. Once it's approved, you're ready to apply!

If you'd rather get straight to applying - that's fine, too. We would strongly recommend always planning your article out before putting pen to paper though. Here's an example of a good and bad outline, for your reference.

What makes a good article outline?

If you're wondering how to pitch your article idea in the most effective way, we've prepared a 'good' and 'bad' example for you to use as a base.

A good pitch

Title: What Star Trek Discovery Can Learn From Star Trek: The Animated Series

Pitch: TAS has the original cast and some acclaimed episodes, but isn't canon and will always be a curiosity. That said, Star Trek Discovery is coming, and there are some hidden gems in the old animated series. I’ll do some original research and list the highlights I saw in the series that can inspire the new show!


  • Lede: Why Discovery can learn from TAS
  • Discussion Point 1: What makes TAS special
  • Discussion Point 2: The first thing TAS can teach Discovery: Focus on the characters
  • Discussion Point 3: The second thing TAS can teach Discovery: Keep the aliens weird
  • Discussion Point 4: The third thing TAS can teach Discovery: It’s about big ideas
  • Conclusion: What a TAS-inspired Discovery could look like

Why: This has an original angle. You searched the internet and found out no one had compared these two series before! It’s also providing new thoughts and ideas to the reader, and isn’t just about your opinion, because you back it up with examples from the show. Also, it starts with a strong lede and ends with a wrap-up conclusion, and every section and point serves the main narrative introduced in the lede and the headline.

A bad pitch

Title: 10 Reasons Star Trek Discovery Will Be Good

Pitch: I’ll list the top 10 reasons I’m excited for Star Trek discovery!


  • A history of Star Trek series
  • Why I hate the Abramsverse
  • 10 reasons Discovery will rock
  • My dream Discovery cast

Why Not: This isn’t an original idea — lots of people are talking about why they’re excited, and there’s nothing in this headline to suggest it’s any different! It’s also all about your preferences, but you should always think about why it’s relevant to the reader, and use some details or evidence to back up your opinions. Finally, there is no intro (or 'lede'), and each section is a totally different idea. They don’t support each other or run together to support the original thesis of the article.

Ready to apply? You have two options:

Pitch your idea first


Submit your application article

Hope that helps clarify what we're looking for when we talk about originality and unique ideas. We're looking forward to reading your article!

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