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Happy Friday everyone! I am back with yet another installment of top picks fresh from the oven and I'm certain you will enjoy reading each and every one of them. Halloween is only 24 days away (but really, who is counting?) and so I'm looking forward to reading more and more horror related content in the coming weeks. Until then, be sure to check out the following cool kids. From gaming to highly anticipated film releases, like Sully; there is something for everyone this week.

'Top 10 Sci-Fi Captains of TV and Film' BY WrittenInGeek

No captain is complete without a ship, which is why that was WrittenInGeek's sole criteria when creating this list. From Guardians of the Galaxy's Peter Quill to a classic choice like Firefly's Captain Malcolm “Mal” Reynolds, as a science fiction fan I highly approve of this list. Luckily numero uno is also one of my all-time favorites. Want to know who I am talking about? Well, click right here and find out!

'Why A Feature-Length 'Overwatch' Movie Might Not Be The Best Idea' BY Josh Hannam

If you are an avid gamer, then you will know that Blizzard Entertainment's Overwatch was pretty hyped before its release. With a surprising amount of narrative depth, the fans are asking (read: begging) for the game to be adapted into a feature-length film. Though a fan of Overwatch, Josh Hannam is not sold on the idea just yet. Instead, he would much rather see a series of badass animated shorts, and I am with him on that.

''The Blackmeres': The New Horror Icons We've Been Waiting For' By Malcom Carter

is upon is, which means it's time for horror fans to get their scare on. Malcom Carter has a fantastic suggestion for us that will definitely get you in the right mood. Blackmere Harvest is the movie we have all been waiting for, and as a classic tale of family, betrayal, survival and blood, it is anything but ordinary. Not to mention, the process of creating Blackmere Harvest was equally as interesting as the film itself.

'Why A She-Hulk Movie Would Be Great For The MCU' BY Peter H.

It is safe to say that Mark Ruffalo's portrayal of the Hulk has become a fan favorite, but what about She-Hulk? I would be all for a Hulk feature film, but there is an equal amount of pros to a feature film starring this badass green beauty, including - more ! Peter H. explains why with Netflix's Jessica Jones and the upcoming Captain Marvel movie, it seems as though Marvel is already heading in the right direction.

Miracles And Mental Health: The Sciences Of 'Sully' BY Sam Cooper

Perhaps it is the fact that it is based on true events, perhaps it is Tom Hanks. Either way - there's just something about that's drawing me in. The film addresses the terrible consequences of a tragic event, even though no lives were lost. Sam Cooper therefore takes a look at the important factors that may not have crossed your mind whilst watching the movie.

'Mr Burton's Home for Characters That Only Call for White Actors' BY User4064454

I think it is safe to say that Tim Burton is a cinematic mastermind. His creations are like nothing else out there and that is one of the reasons the man is a legend to many. Unfortunately, the recent discussion regarding Hollywood's lack of diversity have not been favorable for the famous director, who disappointed several fans, including this Creator, with his statements regarding the issue. Here is what Tim Burton had to say.

'When Life Gave Tarantino's Black Mamba Lemons, She Turned Them Into Deadly Lemonade' BY Kamalini Govender

How ah-mazing was Uma Thurman as The Bride? She is proof that Quentin Tarantino's imagination is home to a multitude of great ideas and brilliant characters. She's also ruthless, formidable and a total quintessential badass. Empire Magazine has even named her one of the "Greatest Movie Characters of All Time", and for those of you who do not understand why, Kamalini Govender explains.

'Here Is A Modern Redo Of The Power Rangers Theme, Courtesy Of A Czech' BY Jirka Vrba

Composer and lover of all things movies, newbie Creator Jirka has whipped up an energetic and catchy track for the new reboot! If you can't wait for the official first trailer coming this Saturday at NY Comic Con or just want a confirmed anthem to start your weekend then head on over and check out his interpretation.

'Five Cameos That MUST Happen In The Five Nights of Freddy's Movie BY Jack Clayton

About two years ago, Five Night's At Freddy's shook up the indie gaming community with its creepy setting and jump scares. It seems inevitable that Hollywood would come knocking and there would be a movie version in production in no time. Major gaming fan Jack Clayton has complied a list of the must have cameos for a Five Nights feature film!

'Assassin's Creed Taught Me Two Things About Human Nature' BY Anidaan TheMOTS (The Moral of the Story)

If you're a gamer that likes a bit of philosophy on the side then you'll love this analysis of the bitter clashes between The Templar and Assassin ideologies. First poster, Anidaan has jumped straight into the deep end with a look at the motivations behind each group and what it says about humanity.

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