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Halloween is over, which means it is basically (or ) already. Okay fine, some of you also have to look forward to. I mean, there is nothing like a whole bunch of food to get you through November.

Anyhow, moving on. As the days are getting shorter, and the evenings are getting darker, you will need something to brighten up your day. We have got just that for you. The following new know exactly how to transform their passion and creativity into interesting reads, and for that we are very grateful.

5 Actors Who Could Replace Stallone In The 'Rambo' Reboot BY Greg Canzio

It was recently announced that we will be getting a reboot, but without its original star, . The 70-year-old star is not interested in reprising his iconic role, which means it is time to start looking for a new Rambo. Grey Canzio has got a couple actors in mind who he thinks would look fantastic in that red headband.

From 'The Last Of Us' To 'Uncharted': Five Scary Moments in Video Games BY Dena Pech

Halloween might be over, but that does not mean the scary content that we all know and love has to stop. I am sure all the fanatics out there will agree with me. Believe it or not, but there are countless games out there that will scare the living daylight out of you. From to , Dena Pech has compiled a list of some of creepiest moments in video games.

Review: Lady Gaga - Joanne BY Culture Brained

is back, and I dare say better than ever. Is there any genre this woman cannot make her own. Hate it or love it, is yet another fun album for the fans. Pop might be her area of expertise but I for one am liking the slight country vibe of Joanne. Culture Brained takes a look at Gaga's latest (master)piece of art, taking us through it song by song. Now, where can I get myself one of those pink cowboy hats?

The Evolution Of Modern Horror Films BY CJ's Psych of Film

Events of the past have most definitely influenced the film industry, and they continue to shape the movies we watch today. The same goes for the horror genre, though the shift has been far more subtle. Even while remakes still seems to make money at the box office, horror films remind America that old-fashioned scares are still hot and happening amongst fans. CJ's Psych of Film takes a look at the evolution of horror.

An Alternate Ending Makes Finding Dory So Much Better BY Jacob Holmes

Many of you will agree with Jacob Holmes when he writes that was good, but not great. The critics had quite a lot to say about the ending, suggesting it did not quite suit the overall feel of the . Jacob agrees, adding that Dory was never given the chance to truly grow, making the ending far more insignificant. Here is how he believes Finding Dory should have ended instead.

A Tale Of Two Witches: 'Blair Witch' (2016) vs. 'The Blair Witch Project' BY Kevin Fentress

is a pretty big deal when it comes to horror flicks. It was one of the firsts of its kind and paved the way for future movies. This year, 17 years after the release of The Blair Witch Project, its sequel hit the big screen. Kevin Fentress takes a look at both movies, comparing and contrasting them based on to how they handle elements, such as pacing and its characters.

Is Doctor Strange's Magic Possible To Do In Real Life? BY Jason Louv

I am pretty sure that at some point in time we have all wanted to be a . Creator Jason Louv has taken that notion a step further and has somewhat made it his profession to investigate whether or not Doctor Strange's intriguing skills could possibly also exist in the real world. If you are into , the occult and mysticism, then this article is definitely one to read.

Let's Share Some Opinions: Are DLC A Bad Thing For Gaming? BY Claudio Caudullo

Never heard of ? Well, you are not alone. DLC stands for downloadable content for gaming and it allows for additional content to be added to the overall experience. People always want more, which is why DLC is hot and happening. But is it actually a good thing? In his article, Claudio Caudullo takes a look at the downside of DLC and how some companies use it to take advantage of the consumer.

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