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The weekend might be upon us but let us take a moment to look back at all the stuff that happened this week, and by that I mean the release of the highly anticipated, much raved about Harry Potter spin-off: Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them.

Just kidding (but am I though?). I am of course also referring to the badass content that was created by this week's cool newbies. From to , and from (which is my latest obsession) to, you guessed it, even more gaming; it's been a pretty great week for Be sure to show these guys some love!

Subverting the Authentic Reality in Black Mirror’s 'Playtest' BY Pui Ling Lau

How good is ? I can't say I have ever seen anything quite like it. Black Mirror combines elements of the present with speculative fiction, often creating a very dark examination of modern society. After watching Playtest, Pui Ling Lau was left with various questions. Imagine you could not distinguish between what is real and what is artificial. What would you see, and do? Pui Ling Lau set out to find that out.

Welcome to the Age of eSports BY Austin Farnsworth

Forget the US elections, is where it is at. Well, if you are a gamer at least. Why, all you non-gaming enthusiasts might ask? just made a real profession, something that was documented in the Heroes of the Dorm documentary titled A New Hero: The Rise of College eSports. Austin Farnsworth is here to tell us all about how this came about and what it means for the world of gaming.

How X-Men: The Last Stand Makes X-Men: Apocalypse A Stronger Film BY Man Of Sin

X-Men: Apocalypse; either you loved it or you downright hated it. The question is, why the division? Man Of Sin believes he has found the answer, suggesting that : Apocalypse, like Civil War, is full of plot points that link back to the previous movies in the franchise. In his article he takes an in-depth look at the connections between Apocalypse and The Last Stand, as well as Days Of Future Past. Did you spot these?

Top 10 Contemporary Movie Soundtracks BY User4142980

This Creator suggests movies and televisions consist of far more than talented actors and great storytelling, and I totally agree. Music is such an important element and can be a powerful medium to convey a moment or a particular emotion. They can be so memorable, it becomes impossible to separate the film from its music. Here are some contemporary pieces that deserve some of our attention.

Dear Esther: My First Walking Simulator BY Stephanie

Ever played a walking simulator game? Well, you know what they say; there is no time like the present. was first released in 2012 by The Chinese Room, and Dear Esther: Landmark Edition was recently realized for . Dear Esther may be short but it has got a lot to offer. From its mysterious storyline to its captivating scenery, Stephanie explains why this unique game is worth our time.

Counting Down: My Top 22 Overwatch Heroes (22 To 17) BY Ayron

I think it is fair to say that Overwatch is a big deal at the moment. With over 20 million separate players, it's definitely one of the biggest this year. What sets apart from its competitors is its diverse set of characters. Combining great design with fun gameplay, this truly offers its players something extra. Ayron takes us through his favorite Overwatch characters, counting down from 22. Check out his other articles for more favorite characters.

Fantastic Wand Woods (and Where to Find Them): Exploring the Magical Properties of America's Native Trees BY Rebecca Crawford

I watched yesterday and I loved it. It was great to be back in that world for two hours. One thing the film showed is that Europe does not have a monopoly on . This in turn served as an inspiration for Rebecca Crawford's latest article, in which she expands on the legendary Garrick Ollivander’s notes on wand-making.

From 'Watch Dogs 2' To 'Resident Evil 7: Biohazard' My Most Anticipated Video Games BY Tori

If you are an avid gamer then you will most likely be looking forward to all the names on this list. For Tori, games can be a great escape from reality, a chance to dive into the unknown. Not sure which alternate world to explore next? No worries because Tori has compiled a list of five games that have got everything you are looking for in a game. From to ; we have lots to look forward to.

Black Mirror : Series ONE, Episode THREE : The Entire History of You (Analysis) BY User4147176

Channel 4's Black Mirror is quite the hype at the moment. What I like about it is that each episode stands on its own, addressing various topics and fears, and The Entire History of You was no exception. The key term in this episode was surveillance. Now, imagine if you could record everything you, and others, do, see and say in your mind. Scary, right? This Creator has taken the time to take an in-depth look at the episode.

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