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Happy , everyone! I hope you're all making your way home at the moment to spend this period with your loved ones.

Moving on swiftly, Friday just would not be Friday without an overview of some of our best content. From opening credit sequences to the stigma; it is safe to say that our newbies have been killin' it. Without further ado, have a look at the awesomeness this creative bunch has created this week.

'Naruto': How the Long-Lasting Anime Had a Recipe for Success BY Rafael Soares

If you're even remotely familiar with the magical world of anime, then the chances are that the name rings a bell. And rightfully so, because this long-lasting anime has managed to capture the hearts of millions of fan across the globe since its release in 1999. How did this fan favorite become such a big hit, you ask? Rafael Soares takes an in-depth look at its plot, characters and main themes to give us the answer!

4 Plot Lines 'Supernatural' Season 12 Could've Focused On But Didn't BY James Reeve

Season 11 of was epic, a gift to all the loyal fans who have been watching the show since it premiered back in 2005. Yet, somehow, season 12 has not quite managed to live up to their expectations, and according to James Reeve, the show is struggling to find its focus. Here are a couple of plot lines the writers could have focused on to give the season a clearer direction, but chose not to.

The Top 5 Best Written TV Episodes of 2016 BY Jamie Ensor

I think it is safe to say that 2016 has been a fantastic year for television. From the countless hits to shows like ; there has been an abundance of excellence this year. Jamie Ensor has compiled a list of the absolute best of the best. These episodes were beautifully filmed, but most importantly, beautifully written. Top tip: if you haven't watched yet I'd highly suggest you give it a chance.

The Meaty Manly Myth BY Mike Strachan

is manly, at least that is what we are taught. We think we need meat to be strong, full-functioning human beings. But as it turns out, this romanticized view of this caveman lifestyle isn't all that accurate anymore. Mike Strachan looks at the stigma related to , and explains why meat is not a measure for strength.

These 10 Great TV Opening Credit Sequences Prove That Intros Really Are An Art Form BY Jessie Thomas

TV opening credits have become an art of its own. Some shows choose to pay more attention to them than others, resulting in some absolutely stunning opening footage for the audience to admire time and time again. With a perfect combination of sounds, text and visuals, these opening credit sequences have most definitely raised the bar. Here are some of Jessie Thomas' personal favorites.

Why 'Star Wars Battlefront 2' Needs To Step It Up A Notch BY Marco Guffanti

Remember the excitement of playing on the as a kid? Marco Guffanti has nothing but fond memories of those times. His disappointment with the 2015 Battlefront game was therefore all the bigger. Though its the game's great graphics were up to par, the experience failed to deliver, leaving Marco feeling like he'd just wasted his hard earned cash. It wouldn't be if there wasn't any hope left, and thus Marco has shared a bunch of elements he thinks would improve the game greatly.

Guide to Conquer the "Big Apple" BY Stiny G

New York, the city that never sleeps, has been a favorite among many travelers around the world. From its contagious energy and bustling city life, to its interesting sights; New York attract thousands of tourists all year round. The city is so huge, it can be difficult to decide where to start. Stiny G has created a useful guide that will help you enjoy this magical city to the fullest the next time you decide to pay it a visit.

Batman Arkham Knight: The Epic Game That Should've Been BY DarkShadowMaster Le Boss

Can a game be fun and disappointing at the same time? According to this Creator, it can. DarkShadowMaster Le Boss had a good time playing : Arkham Knight but he was left disappointed by some of the decisions made. From its identity element to , and from the Batmobile to the caped crusader himself; here are a couple of things that would've taken this to the next level.

Plant-Powered: My First Year by Betsy Brockett

For many of us, meat is an integral part of our everyday diet. From chicken, to bacon, to fish and various meat based products, it's pretty difficult to avoid its consumption. But what if you had to? What if despite your love for cheeseburgers and pizza, your life depended on a radical change in the way you eat? What if you had to give it all up and make the switch to a plant based diet? This is the challenge Betsy Brockett faced and her entry is both brave and inspiring.

What's So Wrong With Final Fantasy XV's Bad Guys? by Kate Stanhope

After about 10 years, has finally been released, and more surprisingly, it's actually quite good. In what could have been another Duke Nukem: Forever, Square Enix has crafted an experience that's fun and highlights the bond between the game's heroes. That said, the villains weren't as fleshed out as they could have been. Luckily, SE agrees with that statement, and is actually working on a new patch to add some more development to these dastardly character. To better shed more light on the situation, Kate Stanhope talks about what went wrong with XV's villains in the first place. Will Square address all of these concerns? A fan can only hope so.

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