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Sometimes the writing process isn't always as fluid as you would like it to be. Aside from the usual case of writer's block, creativity can also be inhibited by limiting yourself to certain topics. At Creators, you can write about any topic that you're interested in, and easily create your own hashtag pages around those topics. Curious about what our Creators are writing about this week? Check out these trending hashtags we can't get enough of!

Have you ever been to the movies on your own? How about a restaurant? Have you ever taken the plunge to travel somewhere new by yourself? Perhaps being on your own gave you the strength to overcome a difficult time in your life? Write about it! While it's true that there's strength in numbers, there's also a sense of adventure one finds when .

Some great examples of how to approach this topic:

Also, hashtag entries by 31st December give you a chance of winning one of five $25 Amazon gift cards and having your article included in a beautiful fanzine!

Whether it's helping you cope with a tough time in your life to letting you celebrate your happiest moments, can transcended race, religions, gender and even time. Here're a few highlights from our Creators:

Let's be honest for a moment, are fantastic! From games like Undertale to Owlboy, the level of detail, love and care put into these titles show more heart than the majority of AAA gaming titles out there. Here are a couple of great contributions from our Creators:

Also, be sure to also check out our Indie Gaming Fanzine, and register for the January launch of our new platform that will allow you to work directly with game makers as their games are in development.

Technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace. We're obsessed with getting the next best thing, and it's pretty unreal to imagine how different the landscape will be just five years from now. Are you a tech-wizard and a guru who is always in the know with the latest and greatest? What better way to spread your knowledge than to jump into the page with these Creators:

Arguably, there's never been as large a focus on healthy eating and good than what we see today. More and more people are starting to care about what they eat, and that can only ever be a good thing. Some people are changing their diet to better the environment, while others are changing theirs to better themselves, like these writers:

  • Plant-Powered: My First Year - Betsy Brockett was just like many of us, she loved pizza, cheeseburgers and all sorts of tasty junk food. However, when her life depended on it, she recounts her journey of transitioning to a 100% plant based diet.
  • The Meaty Manly Myth - Eating meat is the manly way to do things! Steaks, burgers, BBQ, you're more of a man if you're a master of the grill, right? Think again. Mike Strachan breaks down an archaic mentality and offers a new outlook for the future.

If these topics aren't your jam - why not start your own hashtag page? All you need to do is create a post and use the within your article and it will be turned into its very own landing page!

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From everyone here at the Creators team, we wish you all a happy, fun, and safe New Year!

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