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Happy 2017 lovely Creators. I hope you've all been able to enjoy the festive season and to recharge those batteries because we've got one heck of a year ahead of us. I also hope "writing more about the things I love" was one of your New Year's resolutions, as I'd love to see more of your fantastic work on the platform this year.

As most of you know, is a place where you are free to let your creative juices flow. You can write about whatever you like, and you are even able to create your own hashtag pages around your favorite topics. Here is some inspiration from some of our new Creators to get you started.


It doesn't matter whether it's a low budget or an expensive blockbuster, within the realm of film there is truly something for everyone. It's no secret that has always been a loved topic to write about on, and it continues to be. From to fan casts, and from fan theories to opinion pieces; we love hearing all about YOUR cinematic favorites, past and present.

  • How Damien Chazelle's 'La La Land' Fuses Old and New - If you love musicals as much as I do, then I am sure La La Land has been on your must-see list since the film was announced. Travis Ryan takes us through the reasons why this Oscar front runner is a modern, instant classic.
  • 10 Blockbusters To Be STOKED For In 2017 - 2016 saw some fantastic movies but I've got to say, 2017 is looking pretty damn great too. In case you're uncertain about what's to come, Kristen Gorton has compiled a list of 10 of this year's most highly anticipated releases. 2017, take my money. Take it all.
  • 'Jodie': The Film That Captures Teenagers Sexuality In The Post-modern Era - The people at Morpheus Imagery described Jodie as Kids, but with a ton of heroin. Jodie is NSFW but that's ok because according to Toby McVittie it'll take a couple of watches before you understand the true meaning of this beauty.


From Pokémon GO to Overwatch, and from Uncharted 4: A Thief's End to the NES; 2016 was a fantastic year for the industry. Older games included, I'd say there is enough material to talk and write about, which is exactly what the following new Creators have done. Check out some of their great contributions.

Self-Help And Self-Esteem

We've all gone through tough times, and often the outcome depends on how we choose to deal with those situations. Friends and family members can act as a great support mechanism, but it is even more important to learn how to help yourself, which in turn enables you to support others in need. The following Creators have each touched on a different area of , and .

  • What Is YOUR Superpower? - Flaws make us human. That is one of the lessons Paula Sisson tries to teach us with this inspiring article. What if your biggest flaw is actually a gift in disguise, waiting for you to put it to good use?
  • How Can I Help My Child When They Are Bullied Part 1: Self Esteem - No child should ever have to experience being bullied. Doug Murphy believes that, as a parent, there is a lot you can do to help your child develop a healthy level of self-esteem that will make them rise above the situation.
  • How to Stay Strong in Your Faith During High School - High school is a time during which you are still trying to find out who you are. Pear pressure can often force us into making choices we otherwise might not have made. Julianna Engle explains how to not lose sight of your faith.


Most of our favorite shows might be on their mid-season break but that doesn't mean we stop thinking about them. On the contrary. I think it is the perfect time to start speculating about what is going to happen in the remainder of the season, and to look back at the episodes that have aired. What will happen to my favorite character, and will the rest of the season live up to my expectations? See! There's lots to talk about.


Whether it's that movie you used to love as a child, or the book you've read about a million times; certain trips down memory lane just make you feel all the feels. What gives you that wishful desire to return to the past, that sentimental, warm and fuzzy feeling inside? These new Creators decided to share their story with us.

  • 5 Reasons Why Fans Keep Coming Back to Harry Potter - It doesn't matter if you've read the books a hundred times, or watched the movies over and over again; a true Harry Potter fan's love for the franchise will never die. Eileen N. tells us why we keep coming back to it.
  • Once Upon A Badass - Who I Wanted To Be When I Grew Up - As a child, Paula Blackburn had only 3 badass female superheroes to look up to. Fierce and fearless, these women were able to inspire her and to represent women in a world where women are generally underrepresented.

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