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Top Tips and Foods For Boosting Your Immunity This Winter By Yasmin

It is cold outside, which means our skin is dry, we are prone to nasty viruses and our can be a total mess. Luckily there are various things we can do to give ourselves that much-needed boost, and one of those things is keeping an eye on the we put into our bodies. From spinach to lemons and limes; here are some power foods you will want to add to your this winter.

Film Adaptations

'Patriots Day' Proves You Can Make a Blockbuster of a Terrorist Attack... But Should You? By Sam Barnett

Patriots Day, the blockbuster based on the 2013 , has received quite some backlash regarding its subject matter. "Is it ok to use the tragedy of others for the entertainment of others?" is what many were asking themselves. When is a film an homage to the victims, and when does it become offensive? Sam takes a look at this, as well as the positive and negative aspects of .

Why Video Game Movies CAN Be Good But Probably Never Will Be By David Dunn

With the release of Assassin's Creed, gamers are bound to discuss whether or not it was a film worthy of its name. Whether or not it ends up being a success or not, it is worth discussing if video games will ever truly be adaptable to film. From the player to the box office; David Dunn takes a look at the factors that need to be taken into consideration when deciding if a is fit for an eventual screen adaptation.

Burton’s 'Miss Peregrine' Is A Disaster For The Sequels By Iain

Many fans of the Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children book series were very excited when they heard no other than the talented would be in charge of creating its cinematic adaptation. Though the movie was enjoyable, changes were made to the plot that could potentially cause huge plot changes. Miss Peregrine might have been a fun movie, but at what cost?


Why Female Representation In Movies Matters By Marlis Tasker

, and are created for our entertainment, but many people argue they also have the responsibility to send out a positive message. Very often, we find ourselves relating to certain characters because we feel they are just like us. This is exactly why it is important for the industry to be inclusive and diverse. Marlis takes a look at the representation of and the effects it has had.

Masculine, Feminine, and Myth By Brandon Boylan

Whilst creating , George Lucas looked towards Joseph Campbell’s The Hero With A Thousand Faces for inspiration, essentially making it an ideal hero's journey. Brandon however realized that The Force Awakens doesn't quite fit in with Campbell's story structure. Why? Because is a woman, and Campbell didn't believe in the concept of a woman's quest. Comparing and contrasting Luke's and Rey's journeys, Brandon takes a look at the role of gender in storytelling.


From Muse To Lorde: 10 Artists Who Should Sing The Next Bond Song By User4179554

Let's be honest, writing and singing a song equals to winning an Academy Award. Never have Bond songs been so popular and so well-received by the critics, which is why it is never too early to start speculating who might be next to receive the honor. Will it be , perhaps , or maybe even a non-British artist like ? This Creator has compiled a list of 10 artists who'd fit the bill perfectly.


5 Awesome New Features In Pokemon Sun And Moon By Rachel

According to Rachel, Pokémon Sun and Moon really brought the franchise to the next level. It was nothing like she'd expected, but everything she never knew she wanted. From battle mechanics to riding Pokémon (I know, this has been done before, but Sun and Moon changed the game); here is why you will love this latest game.

Need For Speed Through The Ages By Tomasa

Right, let's take it back to 1994, the year in which the gaming world was blessed with the first installment of the ever so popular Need For Speed franchise. Great gameplay, fantastic visuals; we knew racing badass vehicles could be fun, but we didn't know it could be this much fun. With 6 games released thus far the franchise is still going strong. I therefore think it's safe to say the world clearly still has a .


'24: Legacy' Brings New Terror Threats And The Return Of Tony Almeida By Michael Mistroff

It won't be long now before success formula 24 returns to our television screens with 24: Legacy. You might remember leading man from a little movie called Straight Outta Compton. With a great cast and an interesting plot, the show feels like 24 but there are still a couple of differences between Legacy and its original format. Michael Mistroff tells us all about this latest installment of the hit show.

Flash of Two Worlds: Why You Shouldn't Be Worried About DC's Separate Universes By Kyle Jay

There's the Flash, and then there's The Flash, and both are not to be confused with one another. Kyle Jay is a firm believe in separating the TV universe from the DCEU. I mean, think about it, it will give fans double the content, but it will also solve the issue of crossover problems. Imagine having to juggle characters and actors between and film. Kyle discusses why we currently have the best of both worlds.

Historical Period Films

Has The World Fallen Out of Love With Historical Period Films? By Daryl Charman

I love a good period flick, but for some reason this particular genre just doesn't perform as well as the other stuff out there. Because it is often more expensive to recreate a period or a setting, the budgets for these kinds of films can be huge, and that means studios have a lot to lose. Daryl Charman investigates why historical period films have such a tough time appealing to audiences.

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