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Happy March, everyone! Before we know it it'll be summer (or winter, depending on where you're from). It's been a great week with yet another round of fantastic posts from some of our new Creators! From to who'd be fit to play in the upcoming movie (Josh Peck, you have my vote); here are some of the topics our newbies have been interested in this past week.

Be sure to show these talented ladies and gentlemen some love when you decide it is time to take a break from Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild.

Video Game Love

10 Characters I Want to Join the Fight in Injustice 2 By Stephen Spencer

Even though the highly anticipated won’t hit shelves until May, it seems like every week there’s a new announcement about characters that could join the . Which, isn’t a bad thing, we just want to play the already! Until the full roster is revealed all we can do is speculate. And, what better way to do that than with a list of characters that we hope could make their way into this game? New Creator Stephen Spencer was nice enough to share his wishlist of characters and honestly, I’m all for it.

What's To Love About Dishonored 2? By Michelle

Last November fans were given the gift of , the sequel to the popular game that’s quickly developed a cult following. Sadly, the games release was met with criticism from the gaming community as it had several bugs that were, well, annoying. If you can look past some of these minor performance issues though, you’ll see that two is a worthy sequel to its predecessor and is full of things to love.

Making Baby a Gamer in Four Easy Steps By Michael Haynes

Whatever your interests are, you most likely want to pass them onto your kids. After all, why wouldn’t you? If you’re an avid and have any doubts that your newborn(s) might not have inherited your love for RPG’s and 8-bit graphics, open this post immediately! This Creator (who should be a candidate for father of the year) has a few great tips for any parents who want their children catch the bug early on in life.

Catch up on World of Tanks With Patch 9.17.1 By Sinergy

For hardcore fans of , the latest updates are a real game changer. From customisable sounds, upgraded tank and new and improved ways to battle your friends, these new improvements are meant to make World of Tanks more lifelike and more interactive than ever before. This article includes a comprehensive rundown of each new feature made possible by the latest upgrade. If you plan on upping your game, we suggest you start studying!

Advice We Can All Benefit From

Knowledge Is Power: Five Ways Reading Can Improve Your Life By Hannah Fearless

Remember when you parents and teachers told you that reading good was for you. Well, I'm here to confirm that for you. I love curling up with a good book, and to completely lose myself in whatever I'm reading. The thought that it's not only helping me relax but also teaching me something is a double bonus. From helping you concentrate to reducing stress levels; are nothing short of wonderful!

Being An Empath: How To Get Yourself Back Into Alignment By Phrieda

Being an is be difficult, but luckily there is hope. Fellow empaths will know that constantly caring about your surroundings think can be surprisingly draining, which is why it is so important to take care of yourself and to put yourself first when times get tough. Phrieda shares a couple of useful and tricks as to how you can recollect yourself and find that balance again.

Empower Yourself

Advice to Younger Me: Choose Your Friends By Monique Salibio

What do you love most about your best ? Is it the fact that they're supportive no matter what, or that they've always got your back? I am certain we have all made our fair share of bad friendship choices a long the way, but you know what, it makes us appreciate those who we surround ourself with now all the more. Monique's advice? Kill those haters with , ladies and gents.

Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual: Finding Balance By Ashley C.

What if I told you it is possible to maintain peace and happiness in the midst of life's storms? Expressing , loving yourself, attaining a state of ; it's tricky business, but Ashley's here to help us out. Whether it be physical or , finding balance is key. Here's how to stay in touch with your feelings, to be present in the moment, and to stay healthy inside and out.

Six Habits Of Highly Successful Women by Shalinee

Yes to girl power, in every aspect of life. We live in a world where, luckily, the success of a woman is no longer dependent of her . Women raise their voices for what they believe in, seek independence and strive to be kind, loving individuals. Those aspects are as important as how successful they are at their job. , Marie Curie, Emmeline Pankhurst - do those names ring a bell? Here's how you can become a strong, free thinking , just like them.

Cinematic & TV Reflections

Is the Rise of Netflix Killing Classic Film and TV Demand? By Erin Crisp

Video killed the radio star, but is now responsible for killing classic film and TV demand? Erin Crisp takes a look at the vast amount of content the platform offers, as well as why big name actors are turning towards the streaming service to showcase their acting chops. Netflix continues to kill the game, especially when it comes to providing us with fresh, unique new shows and . What do you think? Is our love for the service killing the demand for cable ?

Illumination Entertainment: Shedding Light On One Of Hollywood’s Brightest Studios by Jason Russell

When you think about the bigger names in animation, the two that most likely come to mind are and - and for good reason! Both companies have earned their success and deserve to be household names in the entertainment industry. However, there’s another player in the game who’s consistently been putting out great feature films, turning huge profits and making audiences of all ages wet their pants with laughter. That company is Illumination, and if that name doesn’t ring a bell then this article is a great introduction to one of the most exciting up and coming entertainment powerhouses.

'Doctor Who' And 'Sherlock': How To Make Two Worlds Collide By Max Pearson

If you are not familiar with the 'Wholock' fandom then be prepared to have your mind blown. As a fan of both franchises, I'm beyond excited Max is introducing everyone to the collision of two fantastic words of and Sherlock Holmes. All-Consuming Fire, a novel written by Andy Lane, was released in 1994 and it includes a Doc/Sherlock team up that will please any Wholock fan. According to Max, it'd make for a fantastic television spectacle, and here's why.

Top 10 Actors That Should Play Nightwing In The Movie By James Jordan

One of the more exciting pieces of news to surface the internet over the past week was the announcement of a standalone film. This is something fans have been petitioning for quite some time, and it seems like their voices have finally been heard! As with any big superhero film announcement speculation is bound to follow. Naturally, the biggest question fans have is “who the hell is going to put on the mask and play the role of ’s most beloved sidekick in blue!?” For any casting directors out there reading this post, please take these suggestions into consideration.

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