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The release of the highly anticipated movie is only a couple of weeks away, and now that the social media embargo has lifted, critics have been sharing their first reactions. And they're positive! Sounds like this might just be the DC movie we've all been waiting for. Choo choo, all aboard the hype train!

What else have you missed? From the best new Creators to our latest contest; here's a round-up of what's been happening on this past week.



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3 Ways 'Bates Motel' Successfully Expanded Hitchcock's Universe

Written By Courtney Dial

is currently in its fifth and final season. Taking an entirely different approach than horror classic Psycho, the show has managed to gain quite the following. Courtney looks at the ways in which the show has been successful in its quest to expand Hitchcock's universe.

A Catholic Perspective On The Decline Of "Jane The Virgin"

Written By Amanda Haas

With its diverse cast, topical storylines and LGBT characters, has got a lot going for it. Jane's story also incorporates a Catholic stance on sex, and Amanda weighs in on whether or not the show has been able to uphold the values it once held.

Jane The Virgin (Source: The CW)
Jane The Virgin (Source: The CW)

Why 'Doctor Who' Needs A Female Doctor (And 5 Potential Choices)

Written By Nicholas Brent

Big changes are coming to , including a show-runner and new Doctor. Fans have been busy discussing the possibility of a female Doctor, and Nicholas is all for that idea. He takes a look at five potential candidates.

Rob Zombie And The Curious Case Of Remakes

Written By Matt Stumpf

Remakes are often hit or miss. When released his first remake of horror classic Halloween, reviews weren't favorable. Matt explores the remake phenomenon and why we, as fans and moviegoers, are never truly satisfied.

The Top 10 LGBT+ Netflix Series' You HAVE To See

Written By Emma Smith

We've been seeing an increase in characters on the small screen over the past few years, and it was about time. From Sense8 to Orange Is The New Black; here are 10 badass Netflix shows that are worth checking out or revisiting.

Sense8 (Source: Netflix)
Sense8 (Source: Netflix)

LATEST CONTEST and are currently looking for Creators to collaborate with our Champions’ staff and roster of Fighter Blogs contributors for the next Champions Fanzine. Sound interesting? Submit a story about their favorite MMA fight, or fighter, and tag the article with .

This contest closes Wednesday May 31, 2017, 12pm EST.


We're back to review some of the best articles from our Creators. This week we've got another great selection of topics to dive into. From the excitement surrounding the Netflix announcement to Injustice 2 and Aliens, there's a variety of topics for you to lose yourself in.

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