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It's been quite an exciting week for film enthusiasts. Not only did Tom Holland confirm that Spider-Man: Homecoming is the first of a trilogy, character details from the new : Dark Phoenix have been revealed too! Oh yes, and Wonder Woman continues to dominate the box office. Now that's what I call Gal power!

What else have you missed? From the best new articles from some of our new Creators to the posts that truly killed it this week; here are this week's highlights!



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'Wonder Woman' (Source: Warner Bros. Pictures)
'Wonder Woman' (Source: Warner Bros. Pictures)


Watch Foreign Films To Become A Better Person

Written By Annette Lange

Don't be afraid of subtitles. Foreign cinema has so much to give but people often don't take the time to explore it. From sparking creativity to examining historical events; these will inspire you, as well as challenge your views.

'Wonder Woman': Lasso Of Truth

Written By Amber Headrick

Ever since its release, has been taking the box office by storm. Not only is the film one that fans deserve, it has also proven all the haters wrong. Here's to many more female superhero origin stories!

DEAD, White & Blue : The Best 4th of July Horror Films

Written By Gore King

Sure, you can celebrate Independence Day with fireworks, but what about a couple of patriotically terrifying films to commemorate the day of red, white and blue? Luckily Gore King had got us covered.

'Jaws' (Source: Universal Pictures)
'Jaws' (Source: Universal Pictures)

The Super Power In Positive Thinking

Written By Melissa Johnson

I can be difficult to tap into a little something called positive thinking, yet we are oftentimes stronger than we think. According to Melissa, we can all rise above the negativity, and this is how you do that!

Blood On The Barley: Britain's Rich Legacy Of Folk Horror And ‘The Eyrie'

Written By John Paul Fitch

Whilst The Witch might have re-ignited interest in folk horror, there's much more out there for fans of the genre. Allow us to introduce you to The Eyrie, a beautiful and haunting ghost story you won't want to miss.

Women Make Bank: Appreciating Feminism's Success At The 2017 Box Office

Written By Phaedra

It's only June, but it has already been a great year for women in film. With Beauty and the Beast, starring , being the highest grossing film of 2017, and Wonder Woman's most recent success, female empowerment is on the rise!

'Beauty and the Beast' (Source: Walt Disney Studios
Motion Pictures)
'Beauty and the Beast' (Source: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)


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