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As writers, we all know the struggle of constantly having to come up with new and original ideas on a regular basis. Sometimes it's honestly just easier to grab a news piece, turn it around, and publish it. When you're writing as often, and at the level, that many of you do, you realize that it's not easy to always be original. And even though there's nothing wrong with turning out out a well written news piece, we'd like to help nudge your creativity in the right direction so it can steer clear of that infamous writer's block.

This is why we're proud to launch Movie Pilot Challenges, a new tool we've created that, we hope, will inspire you all when you're looking for new ideas to write about.

What's The 'Challenges Page' All About?

The goal of this new tool is to encourage Creators to produce high-quality content around topics they might not normally think about, as well as topics that are current, evergreen, and likely to be promoted. If you're ever find yourself face to face with a mental block, or just want some inspiration, we hope that our new Challenges Page will be a launchpad for your creativity. On this page, you'll see what kinds of competitions we're currently hosting as well as a range of original formats, topics, and pitches that we've put together.

How It Works

Just head to and you'll see all of the current challenges and competitions.

The Challenges Page will be the place where you'll be able to see our latest competitions (yes, we're bringing competitions back!) as well as what kinds of original formats, pitches, and ideas are there to inspire you and get those mental gears turning. Once you see an idea that calls out to you, just click on it to get all the details and get writing. Easy peasy. So, if you ever need some tools to break a mental block and want a little inspiration, this is the place to go.

Ready? Go!

The Challenges Page is live and will be updated regularly by our Community and Editorial teams. So check it out often, see what kinds of ideas are waiting for you and get creative!

If you have any questions at all, we're always available on Slack or via email at [email protected].

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