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Today we can celebrate the life of, while mourning the death of, character-actor Bob Hoskins, who played a gumshoe in the modern Disney classic WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT, a dark comedy Film Noir combining humans with cartoons using amazing visuals that still, even in the light of today's high-def computerized standard, holds up just fine... Yet it's really Bob's show...

To list his other movies would take many articles, and they're out there. But to recommend one standout performance that might not be covered elsewhere...

If you haven't seen Alan Alda's 1986 comedy SWEET LIBERTY co-starring Michael Caine and Michelle Pfieffer, where Bob plays a... for use of a better term... jovially animated scriptwriter working with Alda, a novelist and Civil War historian, to bring his book to the big screen while filming in a small town, check it out. Bob steals the show... Then again, he stole everything!

By James M. Tate

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With Alan Alda in SWEET LIBERTY circa 1986
With Alan Alda in SWEET LIBERTY circa 1986

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