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Sony rolled out the demo stations and created lines around the convention floor, especially for its VR titles. While we could see eager attendees trying out Batman Masks VR and Final Fantasy XV VR, other non-VR demos like Days Gone, God of War, and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare were hidden away inside closed rooms. Take a look at what was displayed in Sony's booths this year.

PlayStation VR

Sony knew the demand to try its new VR titles would be intense on the show floor, but you couldn't just wait in a line to demo one of these. Attendees had to reserve their slots through an app. If they were lucky enough to snag an appointment, they got to try one of the 50 new games coming October 13th when Sony's new VR headset goes on sale for $399.

Farpoint was another one of the VR apps that got a spotlight at the Sony Press Conference this year. It got its own corner of precious booth space to show off what a sci-fi shooter can look like in VR.

'Gran Turismo'

Gran Turismo showed off the latest title in its franchise but who exactly has those racing set ups at home?

'The Last Guardian'

The long-awaited trailer for Last Guardian ran on a special screen at the Sony booth for all to get a good look at.

Billboard mania

The signage around the booth and leading into the enclosed demo areas was as big as you can get.