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You've got your monster camp rotation down, your warding pattern set up, and your eyes peeled for the ganking opportunities, but you're looking to raise your Jungle game to the next level. You've come to the right place. Season 6 in League of Legends is in full swing and we've got the tips and tricks to help you become a better Jungler. Dive in and let us know your experiences in the comments below.

When to invade your enemy's jungle

We all want the glory of sneaking into the enemy jungle and stealing their monsters, but you have to do it right not to get killed in the attempt. The best time is when you know for sure where the enemy Jungler is located. Is he ganking in the top lane? Head to his lower jungle and take out as many monsters as you can before he or his teammates can get down there.

Now, here's the really fun part. Drop a ward by the golem. When the enemy Jungler engages it, you'll know. Grab a teammate and head over to take out the enemy Jungler in their weakened state right to steal their buff. Then proceed to kill a few more of their monsters on your way out.

Don't just deny your enemy their red/blue buff, delay it

If you did steal the red or blue buff from your opponent's camp by killing their monster, leave one of the minor monsters at the camp alive. That way the buff monster won't respawn denying your enemy the buff, experience and gold from clearing the whole camp until they realize what you've done and reset it themselves.

Don't be a silent Ganker

Communicate to your teammates when you are heading to their lane for a gank. Ping the lane and drop a message in chat. That way they can hold on to their cooldowns and prepare to assist you in the kill. Also, don't take the last shot. Let your teammate have it, especially if they're the ADC, since you want them to snowball as quickly as possible.

Not every gank has to end in a kill

I know that sounds like the opposite of the goal, but hear me out. If you engage with an enemy champ in a lane and you both walk away alive, but they blew all their cooldowns as well as most of their health and mana they are now faced with one of two decisions. They either have to recall away or stay in the lane and play extremely defensively. Either way, you've bought your team an advantage to push the lane. Not a bad idea if all your monsters are cleared and the enemy Jungler is too far to intervene.

Change up your route

If you are getting counter jungled and killed by the other Jungler it's because either they figured out your rotation or they've warded your jungle. Try changing up your route even if that means not getting to a monster right when it spawns and see if it throws off your opponent.

How to help a low health solo top laner

Your top lane champion has next to no health, is up against two full health champs and is begging for a gank. That's a death sentence for both of you, but what can you do to help? Take over the lane for him so he can recall and come back. You don't have to push the lane, just hold it for him long enough to return at full health. Then head back into the jungle like you're going to return to your route, but ping your midlaner to join you up the river and circle behind the two for a 3v2 massacre. Problem solved. Then go help the midlaner push their lane they ignored to help you up top.

Judge your involvement in a fight based on its distance

Your bottom lane teammate has been jumped by the enemy Jungler and is crying for help. You just engaged the Blue Sentinel in your top jungle. Should you drop what you're doing to save them? Not if you can't get there in time to a) stop it or b) kill off the weakened enemy. Your teammate may not love you for it, but why fall behind on your progression if racing across the map doesn't result in a kill or a save?

Be everywhere rather than lurking in the bushes

Some Junglers have the impulse to wait in the bushes forever waiting for just the right moment to spring out for the perfect gank. But they are wasting time waiting for an opening that may never come. Your time is better spent being everywhere at once instead. Harass a champ in the top lane. Steal an enemy camp. Kill minions in midlane. When the enemy team sees you all over the map all the time they will hesitate to make big plays because they never know where you'll be next.

Don't steal minions from your teammates

You have monster camps for gold gains. So when you jump into a lane for a gank and your opponent flashes out, don't hang around killing off the minion wave. You've just stolen the gold and experience your teammate was relying on to level with. If you really want to be useful and the minions are under the tower, then hit the tower, otherwise move on.

Finally, know when to leave the Jungle

At a certain point in the game it will be time for you to join up with your team to hardcore push a lane and destroy everyone in your path that opposes you. This will be dependent on your champion, gank heavy champs like Shaco will head out sooner and farming Junglers will leave later. But don't expect to spend the whole game lost in the woods. There comes a time to form up with your team to steamroll to victory and you are a key factory in that assault.

Now that you know how to rule the jungle, be sure you're picking one of the best champions in the current meta. Check out our guide to The Top Junglers in League of Legends Season 6, Ranked.

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