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Most people are excited by the arrival of their baby. So, your precious child just arrived? Fabulous! But how prepared are you? As a mom, I know that even for the most rapturous moms, a new baby can be very demanding. It’s fair to say that providing your child with constant attention and care can be incredibly weary on a mother both emotionally and physically. When this is the case, grandparents can be of great help.

For those fortunate enough to have their moms, inviting them to your home after giving birth is an excellent idea. Moms mean well, but they quickly get carried away and forget that they are there to help and not criticize. Draw a line between help and interference to avoid mother-daughter conflicts. Here are ways grandparents can help when a grandchild is born.

1. Providing childcare

Today, many moms go back to work shortly after having a baby. Therefore, they are forced to turn to childcare service providers for help. While there are many childcare service providers, many parents confess that grandparents are usually their first choice. Did you know that grandparents spend about nine hours a week caring for their grandchildren? Choosing granny as nanny offers many benefits including building strong family bonds and reduced costs. But, it is imperative to ensure that everyone is on the same page before asking grandparents to help with babysitting.

Ask the question

Much as your mother adores her grandchild, don’t just assume that providing childcare is your mom’s favorite job. When you make the assumption that your mom will automatically say yes to your question, rejection can trigger tension and bad feelings. Tread carefully and don’t make her feel bad if she doesn’t say yes. Not everyone wants to be involved in childcare. Your parents might have their plans such as going on their dream vacation. Don’t pressure them; instead, be gentle when asking for help and grateful when it is offered. Grandparents can be of great help even when receiving home care packages in aged care residential facilities. You only need to ask.

Establish ground rules

Don’t try to get to the child minding business before you lay some ground rules. Sit down with your mom and discuss on issues such as their compensation, how much childcare should be provided, where the care will take place, if and how you will compensate her. Unlike hiring a babysitter or taking your child to the dare care, using granny as nanny doesn’t require overtime pay or fixed schedules. Rules not only help to ensure that your mom helps without being obtrusive but also make sure you don’t take advantage of the help being provided. They also help prevent awkward situations.

2. Helping with housework and running errands

Is your mom physically and mentally up to the task? If she is, then you can always welcome help with running errands and housework. If you invite your mom to stay with you, then you stand to benefits since she is likely to help in errands such as getting groceries.

3. Providing advice

Your mom has seen a lot and has plenty of experience concerning raising children; after all, you are living proof. Though there is the issue of the generation gap, grandparent’s ideas and advice are full of wisdom. Sometimes, ideas might not marry up. However, this does not mean that everything else is useless, be a keen listener and stand to gain more knowledge and wisdom.

Whether you live with your aged parents or they reside in an aged care facility, your mom has the right skill set to help you become a better mom.

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