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Will it Blend? That is an old question that flourished in YouTube’s past, and one of our motivations for creating Darth Blender.

This project is the fulfillment of our love for pop culture. We are crazy about it! No kidding, here is our slogan:

Nerd, pop, geek, cult. TV, comics, movies, music, entertaining. That crazy video mashup we all love so much!

So, in order to share with all of you the huge audience we achieved in 2016, here are our top 5 audience videos from last year.

5 — Friends Awakens

Han Solo, I'll be there for you… ❤

4 — Batman League

The Justice League we all wanted to see on theaters!

3 — Elite Squad 3

As we say in Brazil "Agora o bicho vai pegar!". Pablo Escobar worst enemy is… himself?

2 — Fifty Shades Of Muppets

We know that we kinda ruined childhoods here, but perhaps it worth for our amusement.

And finally…

1 — Deadpool’s Day Off

The question isn’t “what are we going to do,” the question is “what aren’t we going to do?

Deadpool is Ferris Bueller in the best Darth Blender video of 2016. Two of the most beloved ones in the World must be a good thing.

Stay tuned on our Channel to check our latest crazy mashup video, and feel free to comment, criticize and suggest new mashup videos!


Tell us which one you love the most!

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