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Lifetip: Pokérus is fatal to humans, but those sweet 2x EVs are worth it.

There are currently 802 Pokémon (by the National Dex's count) out there in the wilds, offering myriad possibility for genetic crossbreeds and grotesque fan-made hybrids.

Most will be familiar with Pokemon Fusion, a site that allows Frankensteinian trainers to mash separate Pokemon together in hilarious and often horrifying ways. However, I do feel that once in a while I need something completely unorthodox to cleanse my fusion-filled palate.

These split-identity pocket monsters have combined with each other in glorious ways, or taken inspiration from other franchises for an awesomely unofficial makeover.

'Kill Me' Zombie Poké Plush


Credit: harrybuttox91 - Reddit

Never has someone taken 'Pocket Monsters' so literally. By abusing Eevee's evolution potential, a fan has attempted to splice one with two famous faces to produce this 'ghastly' (heh) creation.

With bits of Bulbasaur and parts of Pikachu, this horrific mess comes into existence likely questioning its place in the Pokémon world.


"I will HM01 you into a million pieces"
"I will HM01 you into a million pieces"

Credit: GenelJumalon - DeviantArt

Imagine a wise-cracking anti-hero take on Pikachu, where he busts skulls and takes no prisoners. Tired of Pokémon trainers having a small army of slave-like fighting animals, one self-involved Pikachu wants to have some fun while saving his fellow kin from the clutches of humans.

Give A Dog A Cubone

"Stop using growl!"
"Stop using growl!"

Credit: Kamui Cosplay - via Reddit

Pet ownership leveled up.


Credit: Eskuer - DeviantArt

By fusing the leader of the 'Squirtle Squad' and Kamina from the anime Gurren Lagann we arrive at this awesome art. As both characters have memorably pointy sunglasses many fans have made a connection between the two, so to see it in visual form is super cool.

The Sunkerns?

Credit: jacklevioleur - Reddit

It may seem like a relatively random selection of Pokémon faces on Simpsons characters, but each one has been chosen based on their distinctive hairstyles.

It's very much worth noting that Santa's Little Helper's tail has a Doduo head attached to his end...

Daenerys, Mother Of Dragon-Types

Credit: wizyakuza - DeviantArt

If Daenerys was actually armed with Dragonite, Salamence and Rayquaza I have a feeling she'd conquer Westeros with no big issues. That is, unless another House has a few fairy-types hidden just in case.

Houndoom Breeds

Credit: GrolderArts - DeviantArt

These dog variations make Houndoom look super intimidating (even though he doesn't have that ability in-game), and the bonus pomeranian would be a core member of my competitive Pokémon team.

Rayquaza Mythical Variations

Credit: Deltheor - DeviantArt

Awesome takes on real legends from all over the world. Seeing Y Ddraig Goch on there was a welcome surprise for this Cymro.


Credit: catandcrown - DeviantArt

"It's dangerous to go alone, take this Aegislash!" — Professor Oak

We can only hope Nintendo one day decide to make a Pokémon/Zelda crossover game.

Fairy Tail/Legendary Birds

Credit: wizyakuza - DeviantArt

Such a good connection between Laxus, Natsu and Gray and the legendary birds from the first generation of Pokémon. I never knew how much I wanted to see them fight until this.

Perhaps this is how Pokémon GO will end?

An Onyx Onix

Credit: iguanamouth - tumblr

The bright horn of the Chrysocolla Onix is amazing. I'm warning Game Freak/Nintendo right now that it better learn Dazzling Gleam.


Credit: NetherHeartz - DeviantArt

I like to imagine the more people see this, the more normal it will be if this happens and everyone can calmly watch a few people freak out. Thanks, Starbok.

Had enough of hybrids? Jump back into canonical realms with this video of 20 years of Pokémon games:

Found any unorthodox Pokémon fusions of your own? Share them in the comments!

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