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So, here it is. Part 2 of my first post and I'm ready to share my other ideas. Here we go

1. Joker JR.?

This one may be a bit....iffy seeing as how Joker's "son" is Anarky or that muscled bound wanna-be in Batman: The Brave and The Bold, but since we're making new characters for the Batman lore, why not make another one? This character, or Jester as I'll call him, would remain a mystery up until the deaths of Henry Adams, Johnny Charisma, Christina Bell, and Albert King are dead. His backstory would remain a complete mystery since A. I'm having a hard time on making one and B. because I think it would lead people to kinda wonder if what he's saying is true or not. Though he'll brag about it once to surprise Batman (Dick Grayson) as to not annoy the players. And don't worry, he won't replace Scarecrow or Arkham Knight as the main villain since he's only used for a few missions, but not too many to be considered a side mission. This one is a maybe and a work in progress so I'm sorry for not devolving more into this one, but tell me what you guys think or what you might do with him. Just so I can work on him a bit more.

2. Less of the friggin' Batmobile

The Batmobihe Batmobile. One of the most iconic vehicles of all time. It's one of my favorite cars of all time and if I could drive three cars, they'd be the Battle Shell from TMNT, Optimus Prime, and the Batmobile. Batman uses the Batmobile for many different situations, whether it's helping take down bigger enemies, getting him around Gotham, or even scaring criminals. But do you notice anything? Yeah, he doesn't use it all the friggin' time! He only uses it if he needs to. It's a mobile gadget like the Batwing. And like his gadgets, he uses them if he needs to. Which is why the Batmobile isn't needed a lot in this game. If he was facing off against the miltia's tanks one last time, that'd make sense. Solomon Grundy? Okay, I could see that. Helping him destroy a machine that could flood the entire city in fear toxin? If that machine wasn't a tank, then okay. But after playing with the Batmobile for a few minutes, it immediately got boring. The constant tank battles, the multiple Riddler tracks (we'll get to him in a bit), and the new look. I'll admit it's pretty cool, but it's not really the Batmobile I was imagining. I was thinking maybe the one from Arkham Asylum or some thing like this.

The Batmobile is known for it's awesome weapons like the riot suppressor and even it's own friggin' Batclaw. Anyway, before I get off track because I'm going all nerd mode, the Batmobile should be used...but not as much. In movies or games that have heroes like Batman, the focus isn't supposed to be mainly on the car, but the man whose driving it. Their skills out on the field, how they handle with the death of a loved one, or anything that makes them interesting. Sure, their car can look nice, but if you use too much of it, it can suck out all the enjoyment for a situation where it could be used. Instead, we got the boring tank battles, the less fun situations dealing that say you need the....tank, and the worst one, in my opinion, the Riddler's challenges. Speaking of which.

3. The Riddler. (This one may turn into a rant, so skip it if you want)

Where to start with this guy? First off, Riddler was never my most favorite villain in the Bat lore, but he did becoming interesting when Arkham Asylum hit the shelves. He would taunt you when you lest expected it and it made it pretty fun when he entered the scene. In Arkham City, he wasn't as fun and a little annoying, but it was still pretty satisfying when you beat him, whether or not you collected all the trophies. But here...does he ever shut up?! No, I'm serious. When you beat Scarecrow, he never shuts the fuck up! He's always "I'm smart, you're dumb," "You stupid fool," or my favorite, "You'll never beat me, Batman." Oh, really Edward? What happened the first time?

The second time?

-_-...........Yeah, I definitely won't beat you. I'm totally stupid and so much lamer than you. Seriously, I hate you, Nygma. No, I used to tolerate him, but now, I friggin' despise the guy. He's an annoying, repetitive, ego-stroking, overly obsessed, narcissistic, arrogant, down-right deplorable, jack-ass. Not only that, he's completely useless. He serves no purpose to the plot and could easily be written out of the entire game. But if he was written better and gave an important role in the game, then I'd take everything back. But nope. I'm sticking to what I said. Riddler is the most useless character in this whole entire game.

4. Better Content (DLC, Skins, Characters, etc.)

Okay, let's start with the side missions. Man-Bat's and Penguin's side mission is okay and I guess I can give Two-Face a pat on the back for trying to distract Batman, but the rest of the side missions are pretty damn weak. In fact, the rest are just militia side missions. Why? I get that they're a new enemy, but their missions are pretty pointless. What they should've done is give Batman a mission where he takes out the militia's lieutenant (the guy who controls the drones), destroys their means of transportation, comm systems so they'll have a difficult time speaking to each other, and taking out their weapons and drones so he'll be able take out the militia easily. Just saying. But then we move onto the DLC side missions. Ra's Al Ghul's is actually the greatest of the four, so keep it as it is. Killer Croc's mission could be a murder mystery where he finally loses his humanity to his disease, but with the help of Kirk Langstrom, Batman is able to find a cure for Croc's disease and makes him human least temporarily. Freeze's side mission is fine though, so leave as is. But Mad Hatter's is definitely the weakest of these four. He just captures three cops and tries to make Batman kill the last one. I'd just change the villain altogether for someone like Victor Zsasz. Just to give Hatter a bigger role with Crane and the Knight. Zsasz would be another murder mystery and not just a cameo. Next up, the skins. I'll just make this easy.

For Batman:

  • 1939 Batman
  • Golden Age Batman
  • 1940 Batsuit
  • 1943-1949 Batman TV series Batsuit
  • Jungle Batman 1952
  • 1957 Rainbow Batman
  • Zur-En-Arrh Batman
  • 1960 Zebra Batman
  • 1963 Mummy Crime Fighter Batman
  • 1960's Adam West Batman
  • Dark Knight Returns Batman
  • Batman Year One
  • 1989 Tim Burton Batman
  • 1992 Batman Returns
  • Joel Schummacher Batman
  • Batman: The Animated Series and The New Batman Adventures
  • Knightfall Batman
  • Troika Batman
  • Batman Beyond (TV show and Arkham Knight)
  • No Man's Land Batman
  • Justice League and Justice League Unlimited Batman
  • Jim Lee Batman
  • The Batman TV series Batman
  • Batman Begins and The Dark Knight
  • Dick Grayson Batman (original and Arkham Knight suit)
  • Arkham Asylum and Arkham City Batman
  • Batman Incorporated
  • New 52 Batman
  • Earth One Batman
  • Injustice Batman
  • Arkham Origins Batman
  • Batman vs Superman Batman
  • Thomas Wayne Batman (Flashpoint and costume ball suit)

There's a lot more, but there's too many to add, so pretty much all suits for Batman and his allies. Just idea I'd like to see sometimes. Speaking of allies, was Superman just all like "Nah, he's got this,"? I'm pretty sure Clark would at least check to see if Bruce is okay or needs any help. I mean the guy's got super hearing. You'd think he'd hear an entire army taking over Gotham. Also, where's the Bat-Family? You'd think they'd here about this too. What I'm trying to say is....there should've been more heroes in this game. Whether it's a small crime like a mugging or a big like a terrorist attack, Batman isn't stubborn enough to refuse any and all help thrown at him unless it's something he can handle. Sure he'll say no sometimes, but not always. If he has an opportunity to get some help when it comes to an entire army, he'll take it. Especially if it's from his best friend, Superman. Now, if the reason Superman couldn't help was cause kryptonite weapons, I'd understand. But still, you'd think the guy would just fly over and ask Bruce if he needed help. He's fast enough to keep up with the Flash. It would've taken him like two seconds. Finally, the challenge maps. All I can say is...they should've added the old maps from the last few games. Arkham Origins included since it's canon now, I guess.

And that was Part 2. Sorry if it's a bit confusing. I still hope you like this one and if you have any suggestions, please let me know. Thanks again and I'll see you guys next time. :)


If you had to choose three heroes to be in the game, who would they be?

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